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June 08, 2014

KBAM–Asset Management

On Fri. presentation about Asset Management part, our team decicded to use three aspects of Asset Management-Resource utilization, maintenance, and health & safety system, other board directors and Paul challanged our view about other aspect such as environmental management.

In the beginning, we thought WaveRiders is a SME, their situation is not good, so we focused on how to optimize their current resource and asset, and also considered their employees so health & safety system were also taken care. However, when Paul mentioned about environmental management and the related CSR, I realized that taking care of their employees is not enough, they still have their corporate social responsibility even if they are SME. So this reminds me a news in Taiwan that a company reused their tire to make furniture, the furtinure's quality is good and durable since it's made of tire, this contributed more income and the company acyually sold them in very cheap price to help people who have the needs but can't afford expensive one, this way the company reduced the waste of their material, reduced the waste into the environment and become more eco-friendly, and also helped the people in need to fulfill their social responsibility, this is such a good example for our team to think about that behind making profits, how SME can actually contribute to this society even if they don't have huge fortune. I believe if they are willing to change, and examine their current situation and asset, every organization can use their creativity to come up with good measures as above company in Taiwan.

KBAM–Knowledge sharing

On Tuesday workshop, we were talking about knowedge sharing, it seems that under limited time and other pressure, knowledge sharing has often been left behind. At that time, I didn't have any good idea about that.

During preparing our last presentation, we were facing time constraint, but our leader-Kenny and my other team members-Sehee, Rasheed, and Silvio, we worked very closely as a team, and I actually experienced to walk the talk. The last presentation may be the most difficult one in terms of time and content, but I think our result were quite good. Knowledge sharing is about to create an environment for members to share knowledge, the key components of KM are management and IT support. Generally speaking, having IT support is not difficult now as long as members are willing to share. The most important part is how leaders involve and motivate members to share and optimize our performance.

In our team, we discussed our framwork, and divided into two teams of KM and AS management. Leader is the one who coordinated two teams, and make sure we all expressed our opinions and our voices are all being noticed, this is not easy as it looks, cause he need to create a environment and system members all felt comfortable to share, and he motivated us so that we can see the big picture of a whole system not only ourselves, cause I think the conern of knowledge sharing in organizations are members are not willing to share since they have the cpmpetition awareness, so to forsake competition and replace it with cooperation as our team this time will actually optimize our performance since the effect of team work will have more influences than individual work. This experience is really good and I will take the good parts of this time and apply to our future work.

June 04, 2014

KBAM–Mon. Workshop Reflections

Mon. Workshop was about ''Situational Awareness'', situational awareness refers to how people's perception of environmental elements which will influence goals and objectives currently or in the future. Inadequate situational awareness is critical to industry which information flow is high and poor decision making will lead to significant consequences such as pilot of an airline.

Leadership and organiational culture context were provided to enhanced situational awareness, which I really doubted that the answer to the signiicant problem will be so easy and at the same time so vague. So I talked to Paul and mentioned about my concerns such as when I was working beore, no matter how careful I was, there is always mistakes and it seems there is always possibilities for accident or mistakes to happen, if we can't prevent, or can only use tools such as FMEA to minimize them, what's the meaning of this workshop? Then he suggested me to think an organization as a system, after the discussion I realized that I need to change my mindset while I go back to work, since having the title of manager, if I didn't see the organization as a system and only think about myself while mistakes happened, situation will never change cause that's not the leader's mindset. My thoughts are I need to understand individual differences, if the organizational culture which means most people's perception and behaviour doesn't fit in the operation system, how can we expect the system to will work? Moreover, if someone in the system can't fit in the culture, how am I going to influence them to reduce the mistakes and improve their performance, I think the answer go back to ''leadership'', a manager who has the ability to motivate, engage and influence others can be seen as a leader, that's the difference between managers and leaders, so I will try to walk the talk even if it's not an easy way.

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