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March 30, 2014

Be an organizational leader

After reading the book ''Leadership 101'' about how to be an organizational leader, I went through all the tips and found that most of them matched ''transformational leadership'' regarding the culture, engaging the audience, ethical organization...etc, which indicates transfomational leadership suits the current trend and organizational structure. However, the book offered some different tips.

One is celebrating success and another is generating fun at work. They seemed really easy tips but we often ignore. While I was working, the supervisor often arrangeed meeting because what we did wrong instead of what we did right which made us frustrated, and it seemed not appropriate laughing in the office. What I learned from leadership book is we try to inspire and motivate others to get more than expected. Praising followers and create a happy and open environment sounds easy, but if a leader really pay attention and listen to what followers want, they will feel inspired and motivated, I believe the relationship and performance will be improved. The survey also proved that happy employees will be more creative and have better performance.

However, if leaders don't walk the talk, inspiration and motivation will be two meaningless words on the book. Therefore, I believe the essence of leadership is psychology of how to change people.



The future of leadership

The leadership theory started from one dimention-leader's personality and behaviour and turned to multidimention-leader, follwers, and the situatin. The process became from top-dowm to bottom-up which also indicates the develpment of the leader and follower relationship. With the evolving of the leadership theroies shows that the former theory is not adequate, therefore, we should view leadership in more integrative perspectives as leadership is more complex, interactive process, including internal leader-follower interaction and external situational environment, finally, instead of extrinsic rewarding system, intrinsic motivation are encouraged to improve expectation.

The leadership future may call the Integrative Era in which we should face and cope with the current trend-organizational structure, new technology, fast-paced change, multi-decision making, multicultural context, and intensive political activities.

Since we face the above complex internal and external environment, therefore leadership theory should be more adaptive, and integrative. Again, there is NO one comprehensive theory and approach, we can only integrate theories for different variables to achieve the effectiveness of leadership.

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