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March 13, 2014

RDM reflective writing

The previous two days lectures were quite intensive and it seems that there is a lot information for us to absorb, what I learned from the course is that we tend to make decisions by our preference which are system 0 instinctive and system 1 intuitive, and therefore there are lots of bias affecting our decision toward correct and effective decisions. For important and complex decisions, we may use system 2 process based system to make better decisions.

Moreover, this course taught me decision making processes,methodologies and tools, we should follow the processes and search for suitable methodologies and tools to help us making robust decisions. Since we may face time limitation, resources constraints, ever-changing environment...etc, that's why we need to learn all the processes, methodologies and tools for us to figure out the best decision under all aforementioned constraints which suit the situations. During all the tools, I like decision tree the most, maybe it's because we actually got the chance to make one, to draw all the possibilities and count the values and it depicts all possibilities and values for us to choose, it is really logical. Moreover, the soft system thinking provided some thought about human factors not just technique for us to understand better for poorly defined problems, this is another food for thought. Besides, how to get the data and information we need and analyze them properly are also crucial, if we can not get data and information and if they are not accurate, the following processes and all tools and methodologies will all go wrong directions.

This course is mainly about how to change my or peopl's behaviors to make robust decisions. Only when I learned and can apply all the methodologies and tools for my personal life and future jobs, I think that's what critical and logical thinking is.

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