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March 02, 2014

Leader's Capability

In real life, organizations often promote their employees with high performance to management. I agree the expertise for leaders is essential, cause when I was working, if leaders can provide expertise and experiences to solve problems we had, we can learn a lot from them. Even if the leaders should equip with expertise and experiences or not is arguable, from my past experience, I will say if a leader with expertize and experience will benefit a lot. However, what makes management become a leader can not only rely on expertise and experiences, since effective leader requires more such as passion, commitment, willing to understand and listen, adaptation, communication...personality trait, and among all of them, willingness is the most important factors. If management is willing to become a leader, they can meet the requirements of a leader through training and other approaches then eventually transform to be a leader.

Effective Communication

As a successful leader, effective communication with his/her folloers is one of the crucial elements. Communication refers to convey information by exchanging thoughts and information between people. Communication is not only one side that leaders who would like to leverage their position power to command their followers, the effective communication should be double-sided, both leaders and followers. When we were in PIUSS module, Graeme told us communication composed by talking and listening, if everyone only tries to persuade each other with his/her thoughts without listening to other's opinion, the communication will not work. In real life, leaders who don't spend time on understanding and listening to their followers may inevitably turn their followers to working dead, then the cost may be incredibly high due to low working efficiency, In contrast, the leaders only need to understand and listen thier followers, try to involve and motivate them, the result may be completely different.

The Leadership Challange Exercise

The leadership challange exercise on Friday as per Paul was the most close to real life experience which I felt the same. Leaders will face limited time, money...resources and unknow situation and environment in real life, how to cope with the pressure, and lead the team toward success was not easy at all. I think at that time, we can not do all the works all together, leaders should based on each team member's ability to allocate work to save time, and make sure works done just in time, so the preliminary assessment is very important. However, I haven't work with any leaders within this week who actually did this, or we may work more efficiently. The leaders nowadays face limited resources and time pressure, I think efficiency and effectiveness is more important than persuing the best way to work.

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