April 23, 2005

The Phantom of the Opera

than you dreamt it –
can you even
dare to look
or bear to
think of me:
this loathsome
gargoyle, who
burns in hell, but secretly
yearns for heaven,
secretly . . .
secretly . . .
But, Christine . . .
Fear can
Turn to love – you'll
learn to see, to
find the man
behind the
monster: this . . .
carcass, who
seems a beast, but secretly
dreams of beauty,
secretly . . .
secretly . .

mm… I think this is a nice verse.
I like it.

April 16, 2005

An angel.. ?

April 08, 2005

The emerald bottle

I'm scared of the summer coming, but the days are getting longer, even though not warmer!

It seems an inevitable thing, coming back from a holiday, thinking of another one, but this time I'm not sure when or if ever I'm going to get another holiday..

I want to go up there and paint the sky pitch black!

March 23, 2005

A lacuna

Love by list

You're new to my list of acquaintances
let us list the things we have in common.
I like youre lists – here is a list of good points I've spotted
here is a list of things for us to say, and a list of other lists that
will come in handy.

I love you, see under list no. 14
for response.
You are not responding correctly
have you read your lists? Here is a
list of things you are doing wrong.
Here is another list, you will see some
items have been duplicated.

I'm afraid I've lost the list with
your good points, but it's OK
I'm too busy keeping all these
lists together.

I'm going to have to
take you off my list of active
relationships, still don't worry
I have a list for you
we can put you here under failures.

March 02, 2005

Flux could kill

Flux could kill

The grass leans outward
The cliff
jagged with purpose
penetrates the waves

Two feet from certain death
Two feet of existence
not menacing but matter of fact
The choice is always as narrow as this
Only here
you can measure spirit

Two feet of lies and soft options
Two feet of fear and pulse
There is a truth that's too easy to forget until you fill your
lungs with determination

At times such as dusk
there is wonder in the commonplace

Rain hangs on the skyline

Beauty is always this short a distance

I have spent my whole life trying to enter the gates of Heaven
using my heart as a battering ram

Two feet of the attainable
Two feet from acceptance

— Henry Normal

February 06, 2005

That piece of sea

It's been quite some time.
This time last year I was so keen on blogging, or I just didn't have a choice but kept blogging. Things that people never expected happen, I never went back to the blogs, I forgot why they were there. Yet they are there, yet I don't know when they'll be gone.
Same time next year, I won't be sitting at the same place, watching the sweetness overflowing in the air. Everything has shifted, including myself.
Who wants to live forever, who knows if there is forever.

Do nothing, say nothing, we'll never get anything because we never lost anything..

November 09, 2004

About this Blog

I found this one is actually quite suitable here. Just having a peep..

a Paragraph from sheep

Sheep just met someone in Union who looks exactly like you with long hair!! Thought she met a ghost.. Did you decide just to ignore her?! Huh? She doesn't like your sudden silence as such at all. To her it always seems to be your revenge on her.. It shouldn't happen between you two, she thinks. However, she says she'll buzz you until you reply saying that you can't stand it anymore! For now, she knows you prob'ly won't be reading this until tomorrow.. So good night..

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