October 18, 2007

make a tall giraffe

Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/wmg/ftmsc/content_store/eee-model/timetable/teambuild/

We were told to compete in as a team:

      • solve 16 pulzzes
        • play a anagram
          • complete a task.

          There were suppose to be 12 people in the competition, however as the uncertainties of life, it knocked us (Team 1), from 4 members to 2 (Tai & me).

          I guess the very right thing that we have done in the beginning, was splitting the tasks. We knew we could not have the luxury to spend lots of time on brainstorming and getting things right, since there are only 4 hands between us.

          But we did sort of think it through on how to make a tall & durable paper giraffe, it must has short legs, large body providing as a solid base.

          Another trick was, we made the components of the neck more like a cone instead of a column. What team 2 has done, also gave us a hint on strengthening the necks before installing it on the body. Team 2 were a lot faster than us, since they had 4 people, when they finished install their neck, they realised our neck is getting longer than theirs, so they removed the head and made some extensions. They need some paper to wrap around the neck to support and strength it, they were struggling with it because it is very hard to do it in the air after the neck is installed. We did observe that and start strengthening our neck before install it to the body.

          We also didn't make our body really dense, so give us more flexibility when we added the necks and legs to the body. We were able to adjust the angles, and find the centre of gravity. The body was then stuffed with small pieces of paper to make it more solid.

          A few thoughts on good teamwork:

              • study the goal & rules, cascade the goal into sub-deliverables, and splitting the tasks to team member's strength not weakness
                • have a sense of urgency, spend less time on discussing not important or not relevant issues
                  • most of all, GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY, all of you!

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