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April 21, 2008


Just noticed that one of Warwick blog banners said "do it, think it, blog it". I guess this coincide with the point where Paul wanted us to write blogs for reflections. I had a look of what I have blogged so far, there are times, I had some interesting thought or question and trying to develop them further, but there are also times that I just simply write down stuff with less meanings and trying to sneak it before the closing gate of blog deadlines. Clearly, what you get from different practises is very noticeable. We are motivated to blog because there are marks tight to it. It makes sense to help us to gain a deeper understanding of what we've learned during lectures, seminars, self-reading and so on. There are also companies using the same tactics to encourage their employees for learn more. I've heard that GE give their employee book money and ask them to write something like a review essay, where more rewards will be given. Sure, any learning is good on individual bases and it will certainly create some positive learning environment for the organisation. Maybe I am a bit conservative on this, but I wonder how tightly this is in alignment with their business strategy. Sure today we value high on innovation and creativity, and the same with knowledge. Knowledge renew perhaps is always an important policy of any organisational HR policy. Hence it is important to create a learning environment. But the point is the policies needs to build up towards the business strategy as it is necessary to cascade it down. The question of GE would be what HR policy they need to have to ensure the individual learning can be consolidated into actions, and how can this be evaluated?

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