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November 30, 2005


Follow-up to LE review from Jin's blog

Today's seminar, we talked about how to measure leadership and what makes a leader fail. we didn't reached an agreement but what we found interesting is that when talked about measurement, there is only a little words about it, on the opposite, we can list many failures. I think that it is because a leader will be judged as failure even make a single mistake, however if he wants to be regard as a winner, he should be able to cover every aspect, that difficult. And it is difficult to find a measurement which can cover every aspect, that is why we can not find many ways to judge a leader.

The presentations are about PA system. after listening the four presentations, I find that there are lots of problems exist in PA systems and are hard to solve. There are also plenty of argue about finding a new appraise system or improving the old ones. In my opinion, change for new one may be easier, because no matter how much was improved, the old problems won't be solved totally and new problems will occur.

LE review

Today's presentation is bad. We didn't clearly understand the process of "Husin Hanri" although we thought we did, and we don't know the difference betewen vision and goal. I am the leader of this project, so I should take the responsibility.

I learned a lot through talking with Pawl after class, which give me a clear view of the relationship between vision and goal.

From this process, I learned that a leader should have the full knowledge when leading a team, or at least he should bring some expert if he does not have the knowledge.

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