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November 15, 2006

Today I learn (Watching a movie—Pearl Harbor)


‘take a pick’—choose sth/sb. as you wish
eg: We have enough money to buy any DVD player this store has, so take your pick.

‘that is a bad line’—line (specially to the sex) to show your good feeling.
eg: I didn’t give her my telephone number, because she used a terrible line.
I’m not good at meeting girls because I don’t have any pick up lines.

‘He is a ladies man.’—the man is popular by the women.
eg: My brother is a good looking guy and a smooth talker. Really he is kind of a ladies man!

‘She is totally buying it.’—buy here means believe
eg: He sais he could help me get a job at this company but I don’t buy it. He doesn’t have that much influence.
She told me she loves me but I don’t buy it. I sae her at dinner with her ex- last night.

November 12, 2006

About 'EAT'(1)

eatAbout eating, I think I can constantly talk for three days and nights! Although I like eating delicious food, I’m better at eating and cooking. In morden, eating is not like the means of the past, but focuses on eating much more healthy. How to eat healthy is a great issue.
From my experirences, today eating can help people lose weight, protect and strengthen their boby, and widen their life setiments or interests. (continue…...)

November 03, 2006

Xuemei's Simple Room

I hope my room is simple as possible as it can.

I hope there would be a big spring bed, a soft sofa, a desk, a chair, a light, a lot of books, a big bright and clean window and a computer in my room. A big spring bed, in the corner, gives me a comfortable place to rest. When I feel tired, I can lie on it and have a sound sleep. I hope I can have a soft white sofa, beside the bed. When I want to read or just want to have a sit, I can fall in it. A desk, a chair and a light which are at the window are necessary. I need them to read different kinds interesting books. I want a lot of different kinds of books most. They can rich my brain and give me the most common happiness. Also I hope I have a big, bright clean window, and I need it to bring light and warm to my room. I want a computer as well. I use it to connect with the whole of the word, and get information in time.

November 2006

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