October 27, 2006

Be A Good Translator

Being a good translator is my current hope for the future carrer, because I think it has three characteristics. They are what I’m interested in, good salary, and stable social status.

Translation is my interest. For me, translation is not only the work of translating, but also it is a meaningful work of transmitting cultures to more people. And it can make more and more people share the advanced knowlege or skills. A good translator can reduce the diversity of language and make it much easier to understand. From this point, I think translation is a meaningful work, and also that is what I’m interested in.

Good salary is another reason I concern. No matter what kind of translator I choose, such as, simultaneous interpreting, wriiten translation, or oral translation, the salary is relatively high at least in my country. If I can get a high income job, I have the ability to do other meaningful things. So I choose it.

Finally, stable social status is an important factor I think. Comparing with other careers, I think translation, which has its comprehensive skills and high salary, is considered as a good career or a respectful career. Otherwise, no matter how long I will be in this career, I believe I can relatively easy find my next job.

In a word, I ‘d like to be a translator, and I believe it can make my life better.

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  1. I hope you’re not going to be translating into English mate. Yours needs work.

    28 Oct 2006, 00:12

  2. I’m sorry, I don’t know what your exact mean is ?

    “I hope you’re not going to be translating into English mate. Yours needs work.”

    29 Oct 2006, 10:04

  3. Tilly Harrison

    Well, the person who left you that message didn’t have the courage to leave a name so ignore it! I’ll just explain one thing though, ‘mate’ is usually used to talk rather agressively between men (but it can be affectionate too). I think the writer (probably male) thought you were male too.

    If you plan to be a translator it is good to think about which field of specialism you plan to have. Most good translators spend several years in a job in a particular field (medicine, law, engineering, IT) before doing the translation work. That way they are fully familiar with both the language and the culture of their particular area. You can’t hope to translate medical or legal texts unless you know about medicine or the law! A good long-term strategy would be to take some time working in a specific field (in China), perhaps training for that field first, and then moving into translation when you are ready.

    01 Nov 2006, 13:44

  4. Thanks for your sincere suggustion, Yea, I will try to make efforts toward this area.

    03 Nov 2006, 10:47

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