October 21, 2006

New Idea!

Thanks to David
Today David suggest me, as far as I know, if you can read books, focusing on a short period of time and then think them again, you will be better! I think for a while. And I think he is right. I’ll have a try!

October 20, 2006

My Learning Goals

I??m major in English Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies. I think that means it contains two main aspects: translation and studies of cultures. Translation requires a capability of a relatively high level of a foreign language (English), and focuses on practice. Studies of cultures require cultural background of the foreign language, concentrating on the theory. But sometimes, I prefer combining them to separating, because I think they interlink closely with each other. Therefore, it is complex but interesting, that??s why I choose this course.

At present, I think the major goal focuses on studying the basis of English language, which are Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. I am confident in Speaking, and am glad to express my opinions to the other people. But I have to admit Listening and Writing are my weaknesses. So I intend to listen BBC News everyday to improve my listening and keep practicing summary after reading newspapers to improve my writing. I believe, in this way, I can get closer to my goals.

I think I like English, from my childhood, without any reasons. Perhaps I like the changes when both languages are translated into each other. So I seldom feel tired on studying English. If I think I am tired, I will listen some nice English songs to have a break, or watch a wonderful English movie.

I like making a list of study before I start to work. What I have to do today, and what I have to do this week, or next week, are clearly written down on a piece of paper. This can help me work effectively. Otherwise, in spare time, I make a plan to read a book or interesting articles each month. It also gives me a lot of inspirations on my studies.

One Song Moves Me

I Still Believe

You look in my eyes
And I get emotional Inside
I know it’s crazy but
You still can touch my heart
And after all this time
You’d think that I
Wouldn’t feel the same
But time melts into nothing
And nothing’s changed

I still believe, someday you and me
Will find ourselves in love again
I had a dream, someday you and me
Will find ourselves in love again

Each day of my life
I’m filled with all the joy I could find
You know that I am not the desperate type
If there’s one spark of hope left in my grasp
I’ll hold it with both hands
It’s worth the risk of burning
To have a second chance
No, no, no, no, no, nooo I need you baby
I still believe that we can be together
Ooooohoh no no nooo
If we believe that true love never has to end
Then we must know that we will love again
I still believe, someday you and me
Will find ourselves in love again
Oh baby, yeah yeah
I had a dream, you and me
Will find ourselves in love Again
(I still believe)
Oh baby I do
(Someday you and me)
Just give me one more time And love Again
I had a dream, someday you and me
Will find ourselves in love Again


October 15, 2006

'Good Weather'

Good weather! This is the impression Britain gives to me.
You must doubt what I said. The weather of Britain? Don’t you mean that?!

Yes, I do. I think it’s quite good! I like the weather here!

I heard almost my friends complained that they hated the weather of Britain, and they didn’t like taking umbrellas all day long. But have you found that the rainy time nearly could not be last over two or three hours? What more important is that, in the day time, after a short time of raining, it would be always sunny. Like most people, I also like the sunshine, especially the sunshine after the rain or the storm. The light could spread though the clouds and warm me. That feels quite good.

Like most British people, I’m very glad to chat with them about the weather. I know many people used to it, and they just wait quietly for the sun coming out if they come across the bad weather. So I learn from them and just quietly wait for the good weather!

October 13, 2006

Who can tell me why?

This are some exersises(on Tue. Oct.10 Advanced S. Lang. )I can not do, and who can tell me the answers? Grammar or Meaning mistakes

1. It is well-known that the oil-field of the North Sea are slowly extinguishing.

2.Since May 1979, and the coming of the Thatcher government, industrial relation in the UK have changed a geat deal. Especailly, trade union membership has plummeted and strike-rates have fallen to their lowest-ever levels.

3. Here, we should pay a specail attention to the role of the state.

October 02, 2006

2th Oct. 2006 Progress :basis

Writing about web page http://www.lextutor.ca/tests/

Level 1
Tonight :50 words totally , 45 correct.

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