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March 03, 2007


The OPP moudule was done today, But I know it??s not finished yet. Actually, in the real life we face different human factors everyday and need beware to dealing with these issues. Some of these issues could affect our life directly but others could indirectly. Whatever we behaviors are, can demonstrate that kind of psychology and personality sides. Whatever the human group and workplace we are, we need to enhance our communication skills in the whole life. I believe that without proper methods to treat people in various environments we cannot show us in an easy way and gain appreciate from the people who around you.

An interesting case happened around my friend and I in the class??s group of free choice activity. The way we did and the behaviors we had really worth to consider. Why such of this thing could happen and why we dealing with like this way? Most of time maybe we need brain to respond human factors but not with direct reaction.

Although now both of us have hindsight, I also still rethink the way I dealing with people issues, which sometimes I cannot make a right response and right decision in a very short time. Some people who are know you maybe can understand the behavior I have, but others maybe not. Misunderstanding can cause huge mistake and side effect. It did happen many times in my past life. What I want to avoid is that how I can make such of this similar human things never happen again or say reduce the times happens in my resit of life. And don??t let these human things become an obstacle in my life, especially in my career and family. Therefore, I do appreciate that both of us (lucky it??s us not any others) had a live lesson in a real life during the OPP module.

I just tell myself that recognizing no more treat self like a little child but to be a person who grown-up, it??s a way I really need to face and challenge.

Every person has different background, culture and personality, which make some people could not easy to get close each other. To dealing with this kind of people who have strong personality need patience and more respect to them. An interesting case now in my real life is that such a person who is my classmate most people don??t like her and said it??s very difficult to mix in with her. But from my point of view, we don??t need to change and face her just appreciate the things what she did right and ignore the things she did wrong. To give her more respect, to influence her in a smart way. Then, she will give you what you want.

Be your self is being your self, the conditions are to beware the biggest enemy is yourself and be your self in a happy and mature way. To well respect and trust people who worth to treat, people will pay back for you more^

According to a Chinese famous philosophy, to be a person with good behaviors firstly then do a thing later. Well said, short words but I do believe that we need a whole life to understand and perform properly. Because no one knows what will happen and Plus we are learning everyday!

Ps: Based on the week’s personal and groups performance, my final personal result is not bad^ lots of rethink from the week??s 5 different group work. Why some group works were good why others not?

The happiest thing is that I have gain a pink fish as a personal reward from Tony, which means he appreciate that my contributions in the module??s class.

But I do know that the purpose is not to gain a pink fish but for more about what ’s the level of the knowledge i have learned form the module. the pink fish is ONLY a symbol as a good result^ there is a long long long way I need to do better, better and better.

No best but ony better.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Tony and thanks all people who SUPPORT ME^

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