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February 27, 2007


Organizations, people and performance finally was start running today. Actually, the module called human resource industry before but now the title has changed. I think that it??s not only for better understanding but also for more key elements have involved in the module in recent year -- the human recourse area.

I am quite interested in the module, which is related to all human factors professionally. The issue is huge and developing in the world. It includes environment, employment relationship, individual and organization performance, measurement, reward system, human recourse strategy and culture diversity. I think that even leadership can be as a part of factors in the area. Those kinds of aspects demonstrate that how to make employment??s change effectively and use people properly are a big issue for any organization to face and achieve.

The strategic framework can be a good tool to analyze industry??s HRM factors. In this afternoon, we team 3 was allocated an industry area—-automotive manufacture operator to do a 5mins presentation as utilize the framework. The analysis is not hard to do and there are lots of cases and examples can be found in the industry. But the point is that we think about that why there is only one company TOYOTA can profitable in the whole world??s industry even many another large companies still exist such as FORD and GE. Is that just because TOYOTA has a unique production system? Or has any else?

From my point of view, I believe that TOYOTA do has an excellence production system, but what if Toyota has not an excellence or say at least a good performance system and good HR to deploy it?—-People ¡§CToyota has excellence people and most vital thing is that Toyota knows how to use these talent people to make its system??s necessary change. Whatever it??s in source or outsource. Toyota knows that its people to control and produce machines but not any others.

It not means like Ford, BA these companies are all failed by poor HRM but at least they have huge the area problems to affect their performance system. How about if they can early around find these problems and solve them?

The better thing is that more and more company recognizes that People are key element in their organization. Leaders and human recourse managers of an organization must envisage these HM challenges all the time.

Ps: The first surprised thing was that Andreja is in the class as well. We know each other in EEE??s leadership module. We were in the same table but not in a same team. The second surprised was that today my random team was team3. I am the only girl in the team^ I represented our team??s presentation. I thought that it can not for me to do it so just feel free and not prepared it .but when our team??s turn, I had been called to do it by team members^ what a shock! Luckily, I fully understand what the key points are. Then I tried to calm down and I did in a thinking way^ not so fluent but as Andreja said at least all points spoken out and others said it??s a good reflection.^ I made it ! DARE TO FACE CHALLENGE ^


February 13, 2007


The quality, reliability and maintenance’s seminar was start running today. In the morning, SPC exercise more about statistics and six sigma that was not exciting but useful. It tells us that in the real world how to use statistics to measure a process under control and reasonable. The more practical exercise was running in the afternoon, which was related to the quality management.

A case study was provided in the class. Based on the case study, each of group as a consultant of Triangle need to identify the company called GREENWAYS problems firstly and then to make a recommendation that could turn the garage into a quality unit. To give a chance show that Triangle is probable to buy it. The basic situation of the company is that it lacks of organized and leadership resulting in most human factors and quality problems. Follow the file to visit the company; it is really a mass environment for the staffs and customers. Three main problems: system, people and physical environment are not difficult to find but it is complex to identify.

In the reading process, most of our group members can not believe that in the real world the kind of mass business can exist. To identify each problem, we divided three small groups to identify different three problems then put it together.

For people problem, I think that the company lack of vision and leadership excellence influence in order to so many human recourse and factors problems appeared such as the service manager does not do the things right such as he also do mechanical jobs and he do not know what are the exactly responsibilities for the department and the company. Also most staffs are only work to satisfy the boss but not care customer service. The morale of the staff is the clearest and biggest problem for the company.

Physical environment and system issue also are vital for the company. But most of them are caused by the people problems, which are been identified below. If the company has a good management and leadership excellence, their managers will do the things right and staffs will happy to do a job appropriately. For example, staffs will not allow smoke in the workplace and ignorer customers and take a long talking. The whole atmosphere of the company will be a huge change in a not far future. All of those system, people and physical environment problems will be solved soon and completely.

Therefore, in the solution steps, we recommend that in the first weeks the company need dealing with the most of the problems of the company such as to training manager, create a clear vision and tidy up the shop. Training people in the first stage is extremely significant because it would build a new skilled management team for the company. On the other hand, the institute leadership also is important so that the owner Alan could lead people to influence them excellence. Our team firstly made the point in the first few weeks but after considered that we have moved it into the second step. The time is not a limit but we do need rethink when is the best time for the things to make happen and to make sure not miss the best chance. Thus, maybe in the first few weeks we have enough time to make the things happen and it will be sure early better than late. The organization??s structure need to rebuild.

Another point like policy deployment was mentioned in the solution in the after two months, which is also match the right answer. But how to deploy is a big issue for the company. What ever the company will do if cannot carry out these policies to make management team and staffs do understand company??s performance and changes. It cannot make any quality effort in the future.

The missed point is that our team did not mention the phone ring within 4 times. It is related to the management and customer service issue.

After six months, it needs to focus on customer’s satisfaction, marketing and sales performance. Our teams more focused on layout, changes, marketing and appraisal performance. If the company has an improvement in the six months, it could continually improve by following the right and better methods in a long term plan. If not, we could make things change and rethinking. Staffs?? performances this kind of information need to collect after appraised so that it could aid management team to make a decision.

Whatever the recommendations are, all of the thinking and activities only can be exist in a profound and long term quality planning based on the company??s situation and conditions. I do believe that people always is one of the first important things in a organization and excellence people with excellence leadership can lead a quality organization in any aspects, which not only for people and system but also for products and service.

ps: I do Appreciate that i have chose the leadrship excellence module as my optional module in last year and those two weeks in EEE really made myself exceed the level I had before. the most important thing now is that with the developing, i do find i can better understand leadership and quality this kind of theories in EBM COURSE and both of them also are vital in a real lworld and it makes my life easy. ^

in the afternoon after less than 2hours preparetion, i did the part of the presentation , compared with another some presetations in EEE, I am confidence to do and not nervous in the speech. not brilliant but fluent and without any reading things in more than 3 mins^ most of the thinking and ideas were spoken out. ^ but need beware the speak speed this kind of things^

I do enjoy the whole LEARNING process.


Thank you Paul and all people who kind to helped and help me ^


February 01, 2007

leadership coach& leader

The leadership pma is finally done, what i learned from the essay is that Leadership Coach it self likes a leader is to demonstrate that how good a leadership could be and how influence a good leader would be. The coaching it self can be a well example to influence people in a leadership way.

It is possible to display that the application of leadership theories in a practical coaching situation to help senior managers creating and finding a vision. Based on the coaching for the CEO John and the marketing director Alan, many profound leadership knowledge and human factors can match the required quality of leadership.

--Leadership can exist in everywhere and every minute in our life^^

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