January 03, 2007

TO BE A LEADER? GOOD LEADER?^in 2007 and the future^

2007——A new year coming, followed by new thinking, new study and new life^ as I said to Dr Er in the transfer request e-mail: The most important thing is that EEE do changes my thinking and methods to study and live. It let me deeper think about my future and life. I believe that EEE could push me to achieve more knowledge and better improvement not only in my master period but also in my future study and life. The study environment is innovate and motivational. I enjoyed the Leadership excellence learning process. Thus, even i can not transfer it because of some modules crash but thinking to be a leader still could be a positive way as a direction for my life. ^

However, all I want is not only to be a leader and good leader in a organization in the future, but also the meaningful of the thinking is that the influence of leadership could around by my whole life-- to lead myself first and to lead other people.

What is the golden rule to be a leader? According to the theory of leadership, there are three ways to become leader.

1. Some personality traits may lead people naturally into leadership roles
-——Train theory.

2. A crisis or important event may cause a person to rise to the occasion, which brings out extraordinary leadership qualities in an ordinary person.
-——Great events theory

3. People can choose to become leaders: people can learn leadership skills.

----Witty cucepted theory

From my point of view, I think that most leaders are not to be a leader simplifies, which means it could mix 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 ways in some complex cases. For a single case, I do believe that more and more people are learning skills to be a leader.

Furthermore, leadership attributes includes lots of elements such as beliefs, values, ethics, character, knowledge and skills. Position and power does not make person a leader, it only simply makes person the boss.

Therefore, the basis of good leadership is honorable character and selfless service to your organization. I do believe that leadership is the art of science.^

To be a leader, especially a good leader is not a whimsicality. It is not about some ideas in a person’s mind, but is a way to live and a direction to lead your future^ for create better study, life and society.

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  1. Paul Roberts

    Happy New Year Emily. I am sorry that you were not able to join the EEE course due to the clash in modules. However, I am sure that with your great attitude to learning you will enjoy the remainder of your modules and your project.

    I think that your understanding of the difference between headship and leadership is most important and I presume that you meant in your blog that leadership is the art of service, not science. Selfless service is an ideal that I think that some of the leaders that we call great have achieved to a greater measure than most, and if you choose this as your guide, you should enjoy being an effective leader.

    07 Jan 2007, 20:38

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