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November 30, 2006

performance appraisal system– positive/ negative?

It was an another day^Team 3 keep going^ this morning 10am , we met at the learning grid to discuss performance appraisal system, which we focus on the effect on behaviours, motication and teamwork to make suggestions that how PA system might align performance management better with leadership theory.

Based on the research we did yestoday, we all understand the brief of the system how it works. I understand the system in different areas: organaztion behaviours, human resourse, management??...My first question is that what is the most important points for the PA systems, which could effect the Work units and organizations in terms of their behaviours, motication and teamwork to identify problems in leadership theory.

_In my point of view, the relationship between PA systems and leadership is directly linked to process and then the process is directly llinked to rewards. The more effective way to better perform management in leadership theory is the purpose to appraise. _

But first we need analysis the positive and negative aspects of PA, which means are the two sides balance or one side more than other sides? the tough team discuss began from this point: most people in our group think that the system only is a procedure in real world. they think that the system has too much negative things but few positive things. Nelya given a good example from her work experience. In the company, boss can made any decision he want. He did not care the appraisal system and the performance.just was a procedure in the company. it did not really work.

In some point of view, i agree with that but it was only a case for thinking. If the system does work in most company environment, then cannot to say that it is only a procedure and the system is be used in the wrold now. It logic shows that companies could be better performance after use PA. Leadership could make this process happen. *How to reduce the disadvanges and make the max benefits from the system contribute to company is the way and the second question we need answer it. *

After the anaysis, then we could use _the finding _to make it change perfoemance with leadership. Meantimes, PA relates rewards systems, which effect all on behaviours, motivation and teamwork.

Actually, I think that we need some assumptions to extend deep thinking and research, but we can not make wrong assumption firstly, otherwise, means nothing in our rest of works. For example, we can not assume that the football coach will say that all of members go for a same position which is the door keeper or other same positions. Therefore, we can not assume PA system is more positive or more negative firstly , but we could assess and find out the two sides different aspects through the research.

Finally, hope that our group could have a right direction and logic thinking from today’s thinking and discuss. Not jump out again and again.Please^

Anyway ,i had a nice day.^ even it was tough^ but billirant as well

By the way , i have arleady thought tommorrow??s seminar topics: think about next week’s seminar topics. ^ free thinking ^^

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