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December 06, 2006

The winner laugh at the last^^



We have three presentations in this week. today ’s afternoon we had the fist presentation,whcih is the performance appraisal system. we need use the PA sysytem to assess the postitive and negative aspects of PA in terms of their effect on behaviours, motivcation and teamwork.Based on our anaysis, we need make some suggestions to improve PA so that better align performance management approaches with leadership theory.

Compared with the first presentation i did in the first module week, I felt more comfortable, more easier and more confident to do the second presentation. Less worried and nervous. Maybe it was a second one and i know i learnd lots of things from the first bad presentation such as plan, writing and speaking^ and the most important thing is that i can better control my self to take easy style to show whtat i got from the learning process. psychology saying

I took the introduction part in the presentation and prepared it in understanding side. The better presentation today shows that the method is useful and let me more clearer to know what the main point i need to say. I flet better and this is no doubt that i learnd the process.

Today’s senminar had two questions been involved:

1.What is the difference between management and leadership?

2.What are the practical issues a leader must consider before using Hoshin Kanri?

I thought that the difference between management and leadership is they are in the different lever to performance such as top or opreational. but Pual that he really challenged my answer cause he think that both them could be in a same level exist. lots of debates since that^ finally, i think i made a misunderstanding. they are interactional but difference. COMPLEX!

All the students in the class had their excellence oppions. It indicates that we all think about the question deeper.

the second question also had many different answesr from the dicuss. some basic practical issue like understand Hoshin Kanri was been mentioned firstly.


Its seems that we used to had a dinner in learning grid and short break time later we went for team discuss^

From 5:30- 8:00, we prepared the third presentation and discussed more details about Hoshin Kanri and deployment

happy team working together

by the way , happy game play in coaching opportunities form in class^ I coached people to solve his new boss problem and i was been coached by three people to solve my decision problem.



A fancy day for the learning process, morning , we met in learing grid at 10:am. we talked about the last presentation and also modified the third presentation slides what we prepared for today’s afternnoon’s one. One of the goals we sent in the plan is reduce the cost,we had debead that what ;s the aspects involved in the goals. Li think that the goal could achieve most from reduce top manager’s wage. but rest of us think that if a comany do that could have a human resourse problems following. Finally, we all agreed that the same goal we need to achieve.

After the presentation, we went to learning grid again for the final presention and report’s meeting. we checked all the slide we done and go through the words. we allocated the report part to five question and seperateed to 4 part s to finsih.

A hard work tonight^


afternoon, A really improvement presentation i had today. better than any others that before i did in the module. I flet more confident again and better know what i need to say and know what the tutor want to listen. I am sure that i can control some important aspects in the presentation to make the process well.

Paul seems like our team presentation but still some problems we need to solve after the class.

Some my classmates told us we problely is the best one in today’s presentation. i really appreciate it and i think that all of our members will do our best in the rest of the study and the group work.

anyway, i think that its a good presentation as well ^

Thanks all the teammembers who support me^i love you!!! ^

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