August 20, 2010

When is Data Matrix marking a necessity?

When is Data Matrix marking a necessity?

If size is a critical factor, then think Data Matrix. It is a popular choice for marking small items, as a result of the code's ability to significantly encode fifty characters in a symbol that is readable at 2 or 3 mm2 with only 20% readable contrast ratio. Another reason foe selecting data matrix is that it is scalable and can be adapted to use even in the smallest of commercial applications as small as 300 micrometres. For instance, just imagine performing laser etching on a 600 micrometre silicon device. Smashing idea! To add to the credibility of this piece of technology, the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) strongly recommends data matrix as the ideal choice for labelling small electronic components.

Data Matrix codes are becoming the obvious choice in many industries, particularly aerospace where quality control is of the highest priority. The use of Data Matrix codes and associated alpha-numeric data helps to identify details of the component, such as manufacturer ID, part number and unique serial number.

Another new trend is that Data Matrix codes are now becoming increasingly common on printed media such as labels and letters. The code can be read quickly by a scanner, hence enabling the item to be tracked up to the point of dispatch or delivery.

Technifor's range of data Matrix codes such as Solution Medrix and Mark'n Readcertainly has all the attributes mentioned above. Visit us today at; for more information or send us an email on

August 11, 2010

Relationship Mapping

This is a new development that our team is doing on mapping relations among ontology entries.

August 10, 2010

Marking Technologies: Laser vs. Dot Marking?

Marking Technologies: Laser vs. Dot Marking?

Make your choice with Technifor.

In this blog we shall take a brief look at some of the industrial differences in the area of qualities and functionalities on offer by using our robust range of Dot Marking Machine and Laser Marking Machines.

Whatever you desire from these two categories of marking machine, there is always a choice for you at Technifor. Here is a quick low down on the two categories

•  LASERS, normally provide a more precise mark than a Dot marker, or any other dot peen marker. Since the precision of the mark is an important factor in machine readability, this results in better readability for laser marking in certain applications.

•  Most Dot peen markers cost considerably less than laser markers. Our investigation reveals that most dot marker is in the range of $8,000-$20,000 while laser markers are generally higher.

•  Dot Marker or peen markers imprint a round dot; whereas a laser marker is capable of marking a square cell. This functionality adds enhances the relative readability of laser marks particularly in 2-D applications, because a perfect Data Matrix® 2-D code is based on square cells.

•  Dot Marker utilizes much smaller components than a laser marker, making it easier and less costly to integrate.

•  A laser marker is almost always much faster than dot marker or any other dot peen marker.

•  Dot peen marks are widely accepted by the aerospace industry for marking critical parts. Laser markers are typically not suitable for this kind of task. This makes dot marker more of an industry specific choice. Analysis reveals that the cross-section of a generic dot marker peen has no sharp corners, but with gentle curves, thus resulting in no significant stress concentration. However, laser marking can adversely affect material properties in the heat-affected zone of the mark, which can potentially result in the propagation of cracks in certain materials.

•  Dot marking are generally low contrast marks, which relies solely on illumination techniques to create the contrast required for marking. On the other hand, in some applications, laser marks produce higher contrast, which enhances their readability.

So pick your choice today and visit us at;

August 09, 2010

Great Lakes Engravers Conference

Great Lakes Engravers Conference

On October 8 and 9, 2010, in Buffalo NY, Class Act Engraving will be hosting 'Great Lakes Engravers Conference. There will be a roll call of top vendors to point you in the right direction with regards to new products from your favorite suppliers, education seminars and information pack needed for efficient engraving operations.

Industrial experts will be available to successfully address those difficult engraving jobs that causes you grief. Attendance fee is only $29 per person for access to all the sections of the seminar which also includes a picnic dinner on Friday evening and a breakfast gathering on Saturday morning. There will be plenty of time to talk with your favorite industry supplier member as well as your fellow professional engravers for cross exchange of ideas and future collaborations.

Although this conference is targetted at professional engravers from the US and Canada, Technifor UK will gate crash this party to show case its quality brand of engraving equipments and machines.

For attendance enquiry, please contact the organisers using this link (CONTACT US)

August 06, 2010

Are you searching for Marking and Engraving Equipments? Look no further.

Are you searching for Marking and Engraving Equipments? Look no further .

Visit us today at Technifor UK and explore our range of word class, laser marking machines , laser marking systems, micropercussion marking , data matrix marking , product traceability and industrial marking systems capable of meeting your marking and operational needs. We offer competitive savings and after sales services on all products.

Visit our sites regularly on; for products update or sales offer?

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