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June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Now it's the day on the third Sunday of June, and today is Father's Day.

We often remenber when is the Mother's Day, but ignore the Father's Day. PaPa is crying...^_^ There are not so many things about my father within the memory of me. My father is a very kind and humorous person, he is busy all the time, even has no time to have a rest. He loves me and knows me so much, when I was in the middle school, I was madly cling to the cartoon, and I draw it everyday. My mother opposed me to do that, she thought it would baffle my study. But my father didn't think so, he would like to develop my interst, so he bought many cartoon books to me, I still remembered the moment when I got thoses books, I was soooo exciting! I felt grateful to my father despite I didn't go on drawing...T_T

My father is the most important man in my life, he teaches me how to be a successful person and how to love. I love him. Everyone should give the wish to your dear father.

June 15, 2007

My interst

I always play the online computer games, take the photograghs, listen to the music, and so on in my spare time. I'm very intersted in performance, because I think the people who can act the defferent kind of people is amazing. I have learned it for 3 years in my leisure.

However, I haven't join any sci about performance in Renmin Uni, maybe I was too shy to show myself at that time.^_^ So I joined tow scieties, witch were the Lecture Sci and the Computer Sci. As we all know, there were so many lectures in Renmin Uin, so it was impossible to catch all the lectures, but as the member of this sci, I can get the imformation early, and maybe I can have a good seat. But most of the lectures were not attrack me so mucn. The Computer Sci was very useful. At the first year, I bought my luggable computer, and I found many diffd   skiculties to handle, so the member of the sci came to help me, and solved all the problems. But the Computer Sci didn't have the activities so much, they just help me when I have the problems.

I have skim through all the societies in Warwick. After that, I found out 2 scieties I was intersted in. One is the Warwick Students Cinema, witch shows over 150 films each year from the biggest Hollywood blockbusters to acclaimed foreign and independent films. If I want to join in it, I have to pay £2.00 entry fee per film and  £2.50 for menbership. And another one is the Warwick Comedy Sci, brings us the Comedy Network,and the beer-fuelled fortnightly comedy night in the Cooler, Warwick Students' Union. Once I join in, I can get the free tickets and the special big name gigs once a year, and the sci has a huge selection of the best comedy DVDs and vieodios for me to rent for £1 per fortnight.

I think I can find out more intersting scieties, and have a happy time in Warwick.

June 02, 2007


This is the first time I write a blog in English, I even feel a little bit nervous, haha...Because maybe there are some mistakes in my wrting~T_T  Anyway, it's a kind of challenge, I need to be accustomed to it before I go to Warwick. lalalalalala....take it easy.^_^ I choose such a attractive colour in my blog, just because I like everything can make people feel bright.

Last night, I chatted with Ender, who is one of the students of Tilly. And to my surprise, she is my fellow villager. That made me feel exciting~She made a introduction of Warwick, and gave some pieces of advice ,which were so useful to my classmates&I. I think I won't feel worried about my life in Warwick anymore before I go there. ^O^ The time is limited for me to stay in China, I have to  treasure the time when I get together with my family and friends. 

.....fine,I 'll stop here. c u tomorrow~~my new blog.

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