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October 19, 2007

Learning English through My Interest

It is very important for me to find the most approprate way to improve my English. My learning style is learn the vocabularies and useful sentences through my interest insensibly, I can learn more in this way fast, but sometimes it can not ensure the amount of the vocabularies which I have to increase.

I think learn English is a chirrupy thing, I don't want to treat it as a task. When I watching the movies or TV series, reading the magazine, chatting with my friends on the internet by using English, it is easy for me to accept some new vocabularies, and they're usful at the most of the time. Sometimes maybe it is difficult for me to learn a new word from the dictionary, because I don't use it in my daily life, even if I remember a new word at the first time, but after 2 weeks, I forget it. So involuntary learning is the best way for me.

It still have some abuses of learn English in a casual way. I'm a learner of English, so I have to set a study aim and recieve new knowledges everyday, but it is impossible to learn new words from chat with my friends or buy the new books to read, so it is not disciplinarian. Furthermore, I need to write the paper in the academic way, this is necessary for us to practice, I also need to learn many acdemic words, so I can use them when I'm writing. But most of the academic words can be found in the dictionary and our text books. So I can adhibit them on the wall, then remember them everyday, it will difficult to forget!

In conclusion, learn English through my interest is the good way for me to this day, I can learn more words than keep them in my mind by rote. But it also is a good attempt to learn some academic words from the dictionary, it can help me learn English faster than before.

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