October 28, 2011

First entry on Introduction to critical thinking

Workshop Tutor: Austin Griffiths


I had always thought that to think critically means to think of the pros and cons of the subject of discussion. However, from this workshop I realise that critical thinking was not just about arguing the pros and cons, but also questioning and logic. The tutor was very descriptive when explaining about how to apply a challenging mindset when we are reading or writing. Besides, I find logic to be very interesting to make our argument sound. It also encourages us to think from different perspective because different people would have different logic when explaining a particular fallacy. It is quite mind-boggling to find out that people from other countries would actually think very differently than us when we were discussing the fallacies. In conclusion, it is desirable for every university students to get exposed to this kind of knowledge as it would provide immense help for us in assignment writing as well as discussion sessions in seminars.


  1. To be more critical and try to ask more questions during lectures, seminars and reading starting from this term.

  2. To apply logic whenever I would have a discussion either with my friends or in a debate. I could consistently practice this as I am a member of the Model United Nation in the university and thus will have a mock conference every week to discuss about world issue.

  3. Never generalise people or things, and try to look at them from a different perspectives. I will try to question myself and challenge my original believes when I talk to people of other cultures.

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First entry on An introduction to skills development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio

Workshop Tutor: Samena Rashid


It was the very first workshop that I have ever attended in Warwick University. I think this workshop is very useful as it has given us detailed information on how to determine what is our current strength and weaknesses. Following that, it has also encouraged us to explore our potentials and to improve our skills. Most importantly, this workshop has given us the general idea on how to start the journey to winning the Warwick Skills Portfolio Award. Thus,I think that attending the skills development workshops organised by the university is one of the best ways to make the most out of our time here in the university, because we could shoot two birds with one stone, by developing our carreer skills and at the same time gaining recognition.


  1. To attend to more skills development workshops of the area which I think I am lacking or which I have room for improvement such as critical thinking, self organisation and planning for the future. I would challenge myself to finish these in Term 1.

  2. To reflect on what I have done on a daily basis to see if I am on the right track to my aims of achievement for the year, that is to be balanced academically as well as in sports, society and volunteering work.

  3. To be more aware of my own strength and weaknesses so that I could master my strength by using it to accomplish my ultimate target as a student in the university that is to have developed in person as a whole. At the same time I want to improve my weaknesses in oral communication which I think I am lacking of.

To write a follow up, go to http://go.warwick.ac.uk/skills/usp/workshops/ppd/p1/blog

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