February 20, 2014

office politics and leadership reflection

if the water is extrmely pure, no fish can survive. we cant kill all office politics, only we can do is reduce it to an acceptable level.


u can call me my christian name in private, but forbidden to call it at work. leader's duty is not let emotion factor or relationship inflence the working environment


people will be promoted to a position they are not good at and stuck there. when people are in a position they cant do very well, in order to keep the position and benefit, they start to make clique. leaders should know each employee's special area and potential, then communicate with them to find a suitable way to cover their contribute. normally promote their salaries is better than promote their positions. if have to give a higher position, give a high title but empty position to comfort them

3. kill one to scare 100

if the office politics are under control, fire one or two head fighter will be helpful

4. defuse the contradiction

find two new tasks, select half people from one clique and half people from the other clique, mix to one team and put the other half to emerge another team, ephasis to value team work instead of individual achievement. let them work together on one shared goal, reinforce their mutual communication. At the end the office politics may be defused to nothing.

leader should know economic knowledge

In Columbus's living era, China's GDP= approximately 2 times whole European GDP. Columbus was looking for china but found ameria, then spanish found huge rich silver vein in america. At that time, Chinese currency was silver, spanish suprisely found 1 Mexico coin in local can only tade for half corn, but in china it can exchange for one cow! so huge ammount of silver transported to china and chinese wealth had been robbed so hard because at that time in china whole royal court no one knows knowledge of 'exchange rate". Therefore, King of china gave order to close the sea boader. That directly leaded chinese economy stagnated. Otherwise, as being the top economy for thousands years, China would not suffer like that from 1839-1945.

nowadays, i think it still the same,business leaders should know economy. Not academic, just a though to share, thanks for reading

hard and soft leadership

Hongkong Li Ka-Shing said, I will educate my successor to be a kind lion.

CRS review

I value this afternoon learning very much. My colleagues gave such wonderful persentations. Here, I prefer not to discuss the basic knowledge, coz I am not able to better the persentations. I d like to share something about government policy and entrepreneurs' SCR

Common sence, U cannot govern a nation only rely on moral education, without laws, people will still do crimial things. But without moral education, only depend on laws, the nation will still not be harmoney. Which is very interesting is, 50 years ago till 2005, chinese government had not given any environment protective law, and never gave any moral education to entrepreneurs. Because of that, poor me from Beijing developed a habbit--morning run after I came here, every time I was too tired to run, I tell mysel with panting, u can only stay here for 1 year, how could you not breathe as much as possible!

I think actually government should use law and moral education together. Too strict law, some company will not able to survive, lack of moral education, people will do secret illegal things. proper and suitable law plus high ethical education are required.

Besides, regard to Chinese pollution issue, as the industrial manufactore is transfering from china to southeast asia and india according to the labour price currently, I hope these new rising coutries will learn some experience from this chinese example, balance economy-envirnoment and grand a evironmrntally friendly development!

never give an order! maybe?

If your motivate skill is high, never give orders, if low, give orders.depends on your personal power.

If U are in google, never give orders, if u are in chinese state own company, give orders. depens on your surroundings

If u are in loose-time task, never give orders, if u are in urgency, give orders. depends on time

If u are using other people's son, never give orders, if u are using your son, give orders, depends on Affinity-disaffinity relationship

will u do ur talk made on class?

I was inspired by Paul's sentence "will u do your talk in the furture?" I gave a lot of thought on it.

first in my mind is a story I heard from my father, he told me the chinese richest estate businessman's daugter who had taken 7 years foreign education from top American school and uni already took over his father's business 1 year ago became the new CEO. However , Now the whole company profitability is showing a decline. Because she dislike social with some special important guys from government, she could not maitain the relationship, therefore, her company could not get any land nowadays, for a estate company, no land means no profit..

The content in this case is not adorable, showing the darkside of china on some extence. But anyway, we cant igone the reality. I must admit, all the knowledge and experience I have learnt here are very useful and inspiring, I will difinitely store them deep inside my brain,but in some circumstances which are not ideal, you should consider how to do is suitable. In the above case, if I was that young CEO, I would keep common chinese way to do social with them or their relatives, make them pleased, in oreder to keep good relationship, but I will not make it far to corruption. To any extence, people are emotional more or less. As long as I get the land resouces, I give only half effort on leadership and management than my rivals, I can make 200% success after all. Chinese local leadership, for the head leaders, is to pay 20% attention on blow, but 80% on special key people I guess.

Anyway, with our new president taking position, reforming and anti-corruption work is on fire, meanwhile, china GDP is growing as fast as 7.5% approximately every year. American Nobel economy prize winner made a prediction like 2040 chinese GDP will double American GDP. So I hope one day I can be a Leader firstly lol, and in that time the circumstances allow me to adopt all the great knowledage I obtained here and make great contribution to my corprate and society. If I become a leader earlier,,, I will....need to give more thought

February 14, 2014

MBE leadership and excellence learning review for Tursday

Hi Guys

I have rechecked the sentence of Chinese leadership wisdom Paul brought up yesterday which is very wonderful. I think I ve had a better understanding of the debatable'LOVE' word, and I would like the share it.

The sentence was writen by a Confucius expert Nan Huai-Chin in Ming dynasty. He explained the LOVE is the leader should concern his followers, instead of only concern of himself. In profitable aspect, when the orgnasition is engaging on a profitable subject/project and get paid, leader should not occupy all the money,all the fame, and give followers a few to share,conversely he ought to give reasonable share to who contibuted, as if he loves them as families,when leaders succeeded he should make followers succeeded, when leaders feel tired, he also should think his followers are tired.

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