May 29, 2010

we are all learners

since the module has been finished for a while and through the research of the literature to expand the knowledge on kbam, i finally understand what the module tutor paul said at the end of the module when answering xuan's question.

yes , one big mistake we made previouly when learning some new things on a lecture is we were always suppose that the lecturer should know more things than us or give us what he knows on the course. we never realised that for  each single area of knowledge there's never an end as us and any other professional researchers keep on developing the topic onto a deeper level or expand into a new area.

what paul answered xuan is "i guess you supposed that i have more knowledge than you on the topic" at first i was alittle supprised to be honest, this is a typical tacit knowledge that we known for a long time without being conscious. now i want to share the fresh feeling with all you guys. paul is right. WE ARE ALL LEARNERS. and don't even expect that someday the learning process gonna stop cuz it won't . it's a natural thing that we are learning continuouly although in different ways where sometimes you are not aware of but we just learned new knowledge and something we learned may stayed in our brain while others are forgotten unless we store it. however, it's the way and the attitude towards learning that really matter. i guess that's one of the reasons that paul ask us to keep doing the blog to capture what you learned and the learning process day by day.

all of the above is just my own apinion, anyone wants to have further discussion is more than welcome to contact me :P

May 28, 2010

start writing today after research

forgot to up date blog for so long however, ive been writing my own diary in notebook for capturing what has been happening for my research on kbam assignment .

since ive been reading some articles on this topic continuously, i decided to implement knowledge based asset management through a process which will include two stated with two approaches. further more details will be shown in the final work .

since  the question of this assignment is mainly focus on one aspect of asset management, it makes the thinking of developing our own approach of how to manage asset within a company based on the knowledge we learned and researched a little easier, since the process and approach to develop and implement knowledge based asset managemnt is sort of the same , as long as we can use the method on one aspect, we can implement on other aspects as well.

April 18, 2010

using mind map in practice

having three seminar in this  module the best exoerience is to use mind map within our group to practice it. yes i am keen for mind map and now do realize how important and useful it's to develop your own thought and the way you build the structure for further work.

the flow of thoughts are sometimes hard to organize without a systematic methods, however, using mind map can solve the problem meanwhile a clear picture showing how you gonna do it next step will save you a lot of energy if you really compare it with the traditaional way of working without building a mind map at the beginning.

i realize the problem in using or accepting a new methodology is the lack of seeing the benefits in a long run . i still believe being on of human being s instinct which is laziness, people tend to avoid "trouble" without thinking through or foreseen the benefits in the future. there has to be as least once they really experience the advantage themselves, so that they can understand the suger doing it this way instead of the other old way. the seminars helped us to undersrand the importance and practical meaning of using mind map which to some extent inspired me to use this method in the future in every single opportunities. thanks to my teammates' contribution and thanks a lot to paul :)

the logic we created during team work

as knowledge management and asset management are strongly linked , we believe for any organization , an it system to store the knowledgement learned from asset management could be the best way to inspire everyone in the organizaton to further develop lessons learned in the future.

as erp is too expensive for small companies to use, however, as it can combine different aspects of asset management in one software/system, itd be better to use as a long term plan  to store knowledge. using statistic method to get the outcome of learning and managing assets and analyze any potential knowledge in the process could be another for storing key information /knowledge.

the main thing we considered in managing knowledge from managing assets is to create a system tthat should be available to everyone which means, both management no matter is for knowledge or assets the most important thing is everyone working in the organization should be involved as part of the function.

learning without teacher

the most useful thing i learned from this module or from this course is how you learn knowledge without a teacher that makes you aware that for learning there's never an end , it's just an process to gain new things continuously. learning is never from one certain person , it's a process happened everywhere from each other. when i was undergraduate student ,i took lectures everyday and read only one specified book for one module, i tend to believe when i finihsed the module ill be an expertise in this area, however,  i missed so much knowledge by just read one book and receive whatever the informatino given by the professor. now, when i study here, i took seminars and  had team work with heat discussion, i realised how much i missed before to learn and to experience. honestly , i feel much better studying this way, i feel really ispired now.

new perception

in this module , there are mainly two things gave me great guide in the future. one thing is how you got other people 's logic of understanding things through team work and discussion and the other thing is how to change data into information and finally knowledge on daily based activities.

on the last module which we have a big presentation i got a strongest feeling since the very beginning of this course on team work that honestly there's a unique logic in everyone's mind, everyone does have a different mental model in understanading things. if you can understand and meanwhile use other's thought as yours it  should be a great fortune in the future.

we do receive all kinds of data day by day, we unconsciouly miss the chance to not only read msgs but to interpret and store it for further usage. sometimes we only use it as an information but ignore it as a key knowledge we can use in the future. we tend to miss the chance to strenghth our memory and mental model to increase our experience and perception in life. as paul said the other day, being aware of situation is what we should do in the first place.

April 14, 2010

how to turn what is useful to you into theoratical terms to help others?

it's a chanlenge for our ability's to turn pratical experience into theoratical terms to help other. you can argue that it's scholar's problem to think about this kind of questions. howver, if manager want to actually create a successful company and organization, it's a real problem with important meaning that  you should think about.

inspired by george today, one thing that can;t leave my mind is that feedback could be become one of the best reward way to encourage people doing this.

people want to speak even for the  shy people they hardly talk and not vocal , still they want to speak sometimes because only speak out that you can be heard , and being heard and being adopted is one of our nature for being a human being.  considering if we create a culture within organization, that anyone when he/she is speaking , the rest of us are listening carefully given contribution in the form of useful feedback , i mean , everyone involved in any speech giving feedback while at the same time showing appreciation and consideration, i believe this habit will give the person that talking the greatest confident and satisfied perception and the most inspiring feel that the person that speaking will love to speak again in the future . and what i want to say here is only when people want to say, they will really think about the thing that they are talking , they will really do their best to figure out how to give others the useful knowlege that will make them give him/her back a positive and satisfactory feedback.

the things i talked about above is how to inspire pelple to at least try to really think about the daily things they are doing with a conscioues and awareness to notice and summarize their experience  and make notes to record the potential knowledge that could be useful for others. the most important terms im here talking about are :being aware of the necessity to summarize the valueble experience and being inspiring to speak out and spread the knowledge out through the whole organzaiton.

the conditions for spreading out tacit knowledge

today as our seminar topic, we discussed the barriers for people to share tacit knowledge. under the suggestion of paul, we identifies two main conditions, under which employees will share tacit knowledge within organization which are having willingness to share and having certain ability to explain the tacit knowledge they got.

one of the importance of the seminar in the first place is the explanation of what is tacit knowledge. at the first, we can't understand the real meaning. because some of our group mates thought that tacit knowledge is the knowledge gained from experience which you can' t read in the books. other members of our group thought that tacit knowledge is the basic knowledge about work that everyone working on the same job should have. under different opinions, i was confused. and , after paul's explanation, we understood that tacit knowledge is the knowledge that you got from experience by chance , however, it's hard to be summarized and transformed into word theorys and difficult to be noticed as important information because of the difficulty to tell. then apart from the considering of the barrier only related to employees' willingness, we suddenly identified another barrier which is the ability to explain and with further discusstion and thinking , we think it should include the ability to communicate, the ability to summerize and the ability of being aware of lessons learned.

the lesson i learned from the seminar is we always create wrong mental picture by taking something for granted. we think of problems subjectively which we blame any mistake we made on only our spirit rather than our capability. sometimes if we reallly think through some problems of our life, it's partly becaused being a human being , there's limitation of our nature and body we were born with that stop us from doing things actively, positively with our greatest passion, we can easily feel the difficulties of certain things and we get scared, and that is the main reason why sometimes we stop moving on we slow down our steps in doing the  right thing. of course , being a human we are facing the same situation all the time, however one of the challenge is to overcome the difficulties and make ourselves stronger and tougher, and always using a positive attitude dealling with problems.

March 03, 2010

personality and leadership

there's one thing i've been thinking about since i start reading five big factors of personality, which is , what is the personality required for being a effective leader?

from my point of view , being a good leader , i expect him /her to be rational and decisive, he/ she has to be fair with things and people. however, some great leader do have some qualities which normally people dont expect however, he/ she is still good , this make me think about one thing that whether a person 's personality really relevantwith being or great leader or not. as long as he/ she is making decisions for most of the time and sometimes they can be right all the time, it doesn't matter what king of personality he/she has. people want to follow a right decision which will bring themselves benefits rather than follow a leader with whom they will always feel comfortable and inspiring however, never right.

some research has already shown that being a transactional leader or charismatic leader is with weak relationship to the followers' satisfaction and performance. i think whether a follower is satisfied or not depend on whether a decision made by the leader will bring him/her benefit. in another word , whether a follower is inspired depend on whether the outcome for him or her is positive or negative.

January 22, 2010

every little change

through the learning of this week about leadership, i learnt something which is kind of inspiring. i never realized that people 's personality can be changed. however, it can just with every little change.

do we really care about other people's opinion? have we really realized that team work or in other words co-operation has the priority over working alone? i saw my team member changing little by little in every exercise, however, it felt much more comfortable than before. people have to realize that you can never force people to do anything unless they really want to ,it just a waste of time and nothing will be achieved. i can understand that some people born to be much stronger than others however, through this module study, it changed by original opinion that people 's  personality can't be changed at all.

people say, the reason why a person is being rude is because he/she is without knowledge. knowledge like certain skill in communication can be learnt if you want to communicate with others in a pleasant way. leadership is the same. nothing can't be learnt through learning, the problem behind it whether you want to.

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