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October 18, 2007

My way of learning English

A student, who is as lazy as me, won't have a good study hobby. My way of learning English is always flexible, in case of my slacking off. And I like to learn English creatively. I don¡'t like those fixed things and ways to learn, because it can¡'t bring up my interest. So I learn English through movies, English songs and everything I am interested in. Anyway, I feel learn English is a kind of interesting now; at least I am not afraid of it anymore. But I don¡'t have an overall plan yet.

My vocabulary is my waterloo in English learning. I don¡'t know why, I just feel somehow I can¡'t memorize the spelling. Even if I know the meaning of a word, and I know how to use it in writing but I do always can¡'t spell it or can¡'t spell it correctly. So my writing are always restricted. I can only use the word I can spell and they are often under 2000 woods level. And my tutor of writing called me "Miss. Wrong Spelling" because I can even spell "two" like this: "tow". I do "admire" myself.

And I am still looking for a good way of learning vocabulary.

My weak point used to be grammar(and now is vocabulary). I had totally no idea what grammar is before I went to Mr.Wu¡'s lectures. Mr.Wu is the best grammar tutor I have ever met. My English is totally a mess before I take these lectures. I couldn¡'t tall what is noun, what is adjective and what is the basic sentences structure. And I know my grammar is still not excellent, but if I haven¡¯t been to the lectures, it would be even worse! So that is a breakthrough of my English, I do appreciate it.

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