October 18, 2007

My way of learning English

A student, who is as lazy as me, won't have a good study hobby. My way of learning English is always flexible, in case of my slacking off. And I like to learn English creatively. I don¡'t like those fixed things and ways to learn, because it can¡'t bring up my interest. So I learn English through movies, English songs and everything I am interested in. Anyway, I feel learn English is a kind of interesting now; at least I am not afraid of it anymore. But I don¡'t have an overall plan yet.

My vocabulary is my waterloo in English learning. I don¡'t know why, I just feel somehow I can¡'t memorize the spelling. Even if I know the meaning of a word, and I know how to use it in writing but I do always can¡'t spell it or can¡'t spell it correctly. So my writing are always restricted. I can only use the word I can spell and they are often under 2000 woods level. And my tutor of writing called me "Miss. Wrong Spelling" because I can even spell "two" like this: "tow". I do "admire" myself.

And I am still looking for a good way of learning vocabulary.

My weak point used to be grammar(and now is vocabulary). I had totally no idea what grammar is before I went to Mr.Wu¡'s lectures. Mr.Wu is the best grammar tutor I have ever met. My English is totally a mess before I take these lectures. I couldn¡'t tall what is noun, what is adjective and what is the basic sentences structure. And I know my grammar is still not excellent, but if I haven¡¯t been to the lectures, it would be even worse! So that is a breakthrough of my English, I do appreciate it.

August 01, 2007


Maby it is a little bit late to do the task ,but to do it later is better than not to do it at all.  ^-^

1.  What do you like to do in your spare time? Have you gathered with a group people who have similar interests, and shared your feeling or ideas?

Some times just fool around or sitting infront of my PC. -_-b  Some times I will go for shopping or watching films. I like horror films~And Lily is also crazy about scar films. We often watch films togther~ and I like swimming and  playing basketball(but I did not play basketball since I enrty the university).

2.  Have you joined any society in Renmin University? What was it and what activities did you do in that society. Are you in charge of any department of that society? What do you like and dislike in your society and why?

I joined English society and basketball society.But I did not join so many activities of them. I only went to see a English film for once, and I always had classes and the activities of basketball society at the same time,so I couldn't go to join it~

3.  Pick up at least two societies you are interested in. Visit their website and try to find out: What they are doing? How much you need to pay for joining it? What privilege you can get by being a member? Find at least one picture you like and put up on your blogs.

There is a societies named Cheese and Chocolate~They offer trips to Cadbury world,tasting sessions, games, themed socials, picnics, hot chocolate socials,cheese and chocolate fondu nights, chocolate fountains,cheese and wine nights,and so on~I think this perfect to me!~ha

And another societies called Chinese, I think it can help to improve  the understanding between Chinese students and students form all over the world~

I don't konw if this societies is free or not ,but I didn't see anything about the fee~

HA~finish~~go to bed~~~  ^0^

July 28, 2007

Learn to drive~


Since I have to get my Driving Licenses befor I leave, I am having my driving classes those days. It is not hard for me but there are so many peoples in driving school on the summer holiday, so I spend a lot of time to wait but a few time to practice~It seems I still have to work on it for some time~ 

July 03, 2007

I am tired!!!

It is very busy this days and happens a lot..........make me a little bit tired.

Beijing is still very hot and broing, but I can't go home because of my visa~

I wonder when I can go back?!


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