May 05, 2005


Haven't updated here for a while. I've been working on my msn blog these days, loaded lots songs which are all downloadable! Welcome to check it out! :-D

Today is 05/05/05. Date is what ppl use to mark every 24 little hours. We could do a hell lot things within 24 hours, like having a dozen of doughnuts, walking a thousand steps, or producing millions carbon dioxide molecules … hee hee But if count it in light-year, our whole life would just be a flash… I am not saying that we should all do something great to be in history, the point is to prove we've been lived. Each person may have different idea about 'live', but 'alive' never equals to 'living'.
Sorry I being fussy here. I blame it all on the date of today and the song I am listening to at the moment, called 'Time' by Hootie & the blowfish. ;-)
Enjoy your 05/05/05 anyways!

May 01, 2005



Before God may ordain a decree to a person, has to be fatigued, tribulated, starved and emptied out.

April 30, 2005

Shall I get a MSN blog instead?

Realised hw fun to make friends thru blogs, obviously, not thru my blog. Also feel exciting to put on some music on my blog. Warwick blogbuilder, what a jerry-builder!
Well, maybe cos' I am a uncute kid, nobody wants to talk to me… nobody likes 'Woohoohoo'...
:``- (

April 29, 2005

My first Rap (献给Tina)

N Shuai says
Lyrics: Wenjue and Yuan (Name ordered by alphabet)

So I say, 'Babe, tell me what to do, what to say, 好不好?'
Yo, yo, 你到底要我怎么样?
Oh, my GOD, 我不知道!

Tina 她使出独门绝招,
金刚腿,无影脚, 九阴白骨爪
Ď我不是黄蓉~~ 我不会武功!'

April 28, 2005


Writing about web page

Should have written some thing about my emotional cakes. But not todayÖ Today I just wanna recommend a website where full of people like making desserts as same as me, but much better than me. :-D It contains lots nice pics and recipes. The website is in Chinese, Iím sorry for my English mates.

Tea or Coffee, or Me?

Yes, please!

I love coffee, with cream, no sugar!
I am addicted to it. Like Garfield, I canít virtually wake up without a nice cupa coffee in the morning. Since I got my coffee maker, I could not bear with the instant coffee any more. Well, the dry freeze coffee is OK, but still, when you have a mocha coffee maker, even it takes few minutes more, it worth it! I created a new way to enjoy mocha. I make regular espresso coffee and add in ice cream, ideally Viennalís vanilla flavor. It tastes creamy and has choco bits. I also like adding minty ones. I love the whole house full with coffee smell, like a cafť. The smell wakes me up even better than drinking coffee itself.

Tea, for me, is a quite wide word. I like drinking many kinds of tea. Green tea, English tea, fruit tea, flower tea and herb teaÖ All flavored hot drinks. And I like Irish tea as well, not only because itís alcoholic. :-D

April 23, 2005

Me is Back!!

Due to somehow, I could not log in my Warwick Blog for a while, well, me was part of reason, too. Since my last entry, I did leave my blog behind my mind for a couple days. But all stars could represent my faith, I was toooo busy…

I had a very horrible time the end of last term. Things came down, all together, forseeable and helpless. As u can see, I survived. I'm still here, working on my own pot of Chicken Soup :-)

Hope it goes as people usually say, one must be annealed and tempered before he becomes a big man.

However, I am getting more and more like a 8-year old kid, since I started this as a joke. Some mates calll me SuperJue, I don't get it… I am just a common girl, maybe slightly taller than most girls; like monkeying around, silly, kinda logy, and like daydreaming all the time; I am often confused, even helpless and lost. I am not enough selfhating, but I know what I am. I am not super, at least not yet, tho I also like the name, SuperJue! :-D

February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's, flies!!

Sharing some fun bits from my Neurobiology lectures.
Here are some slides of my Neurobiology lecture handout this term.

February 13, 2005

Rich T Biscuits

Iím lovin it, rich T biscuits!
Esp when I am sitting at my desk, either watching a film or reading something, even without a cupa T.

Studying is a chilling out work for most of body, part from brain. At this time, crewing crunchy food always can entertain my teeth, as well as the rest of my body not that bored. Actually, when somebody is studying, very likely feeling to eat something cos his brain need more glucose more than other time. The same thing as we watching TV or films. But I donít prefer sweets to rich T cosí I donít get crunchy crewing feeling from sweets! Grinding my teeth like a puppy, makes me feel Öermm … Rich T Biscuits!!
lol =_=!

February 09, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year!!

This year is year of COCK, well, rooster, if we prefer.
I just had a big lunch and even bigger dinner tonite.
Phoned my parents and had argument about my age with my mum again… hee hee It's tricky if u have a lunar calendar invloved and traditional aging way, like plus one year old as when u were inside your mum… _

Well, anyways, everybody gets candys and greetings at New Year's Eve! There u go:

Happy New Year for all Chinese people abroad and back in China!
May all your wishes come true.
May all have better health in this year.
May all having a good time in Spring Festival.

May I have a thick fortune envelope? :-D

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