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October 13, 2005

IDC Intro to web design, part 3

Writing about web page

Agin, I feel I am in a fog and can only see a slight light in front of me; I thought I know the direction so I try to walk alone, but eventually get lost again. I really need to ask my friend to be my guide through the forest called : HTML and CSS language.

It's easy when I follow the instruction and change the colour, the shape, the font…etc, step by step, but without the signs it would be too tough. Because whenever I want to design a page, I need to open several windows at the same time and select different ones frequently. *The best way *is get familiar with them, which is *the hardest *way for me right now.


IDC Intro to web design, part 2

Writing about web page

Since I have few friends studying in the area, I have seen the HTML language before. It requires one to memorise the usages by heart and apply to the final design afterward. I am not that patient to type all the technical words and think about my content at the same time, so thank God there are so many resources designed already.


IDC Intro to web design, part 1

Writing about web page

It's quite useful for people like me, who am not good at computer language, to learn what's the difference from **HTML **and CSS. I've browsed the csszengarden and found lots design stunning and creative.
Hopefully in the near future I can create one with Photoshop and really present my personal style.


October 06, 2005

review of design

He's a very cute gentlement and explores his adventure. He is in the bus 366. One day, he gets on the bus as usual…
Suddenly, people start noticing the sleepy Lacose has driven the bus off the daily route, passing through places that seem more and more remote; the bus for their return trip, everyone starts working as street artists; to escape the fatal attacks from the mafia, they drive the bus into a "black hole" ….

It's not only a funny story, but also creates bright, colourful lifes to the characters inside.

More details are in :

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