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February 21, 2007

Advanced Java Part I: Reflection

Richard Warburton (mulletron) will be giving a talk on advanced Java, focusing specifically on reflection, at the WUGLUG meeting in Week 8 (28/2).  This talk will cover the basics of Java reflection and then delve into some performance analysis.  It will conclude by demonstrating how to produce a real world example of how to use reflection to add aspect orientated debugging code to a program with minimal changes.

As ever, we will be meeting from 7pm in Presentation Room B, on the top floor of the Learning Grid.


In what will hopefully be the first of many such trips, a group of WUGLUGgers are travelling to the lovely city of Brussels, Belgium to attend the "Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting", a free and non-commercial event for the community and organised by the community.

More information on the event itself can be found at the FOSDEM website and, for those attending, more specific information can be found on the WUGLUG wiki.

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