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The WUGLUG is a group of people at the University of Warwick who use, or are interested in GNU/Linux and FreeSoftware. It provides the opportunity to share knowledge and discuss issues related to Free Software with likeminded people.

WUGLUG meetings are at 7.00pm on Wednesday evenings at The Learning Grid, University of Warwick (during term time). In addition to this, there is an informal bug squashing meeting (the XING) on Friday Evenings. We meet in the Bar for a social at 8.30pm and move on from there.

The WUGLUG is a special interest group within the University of Warwick Computing Society. If you would like us to install GNU/Linux on your computer for you, bring it along to a CompSoc LAN party. These are usually held twice each term, over the weekends at the end of weeks four and eight.

For more information, please browse our website at: www.wuglug.org.uk