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December 07, 2008


today is the last day before submit CBE PMA but I'm still working on it. Fortunately, it's almost finished. i've some things in my mind about partnership. From my short-time working experience, i've never experience anything about partnership even though we had partners. in my opinion, partnership is too ideal. it's very difficult to influence supplier to become partner because most of them were looking for short-term benefits from buyers. it's almost impossible for both small firms and small suppliers. Moreover, i think it's costly and time consumes process. if small companies try to develop partnership, i think their company is gonna go to bankrupt before achieve partnership except they develop partnership in the area that does not affect the finance. Therefor, I personally think that partnership is suitable for the large or medium company not small company and vision of leader is very very importance.

December 06, 2008

LE– Leadership….. importance of an Authority

Although It's quite late to blog about Authority of Leader, but i'm just thinking about China. I'm thinking how can China become a powerful country without the highest level of authority government. As we discussed in the seminar about the important of authority, i think everyone tended to agree with the concept of influencing people rather than using position power. But in the case of China, i don't think the government are influencing their people (if i was wrong pls tell me) but why chinese people work very hard and this country are very sucessful in many aspects. In the past, Genghis Khan (Temujin), the emporor of Mongol conquered half of the world. How could he do that without using his position power? I don't have enough time to do some researches about this but i personally think the great leader still need the authority power.  "the combination of authority and influencing, find out where is the balance point."     ^.^

so tired with PMA.........

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