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March 14, 2009


the first thing i've been done to answer the queston was researching about organisational learning (OL). Although we alredy done some research about it in CBE module, it still made me confused. it was very confusing between learning organisation (LO) and organisational learning (OL) though it quite similar in the concept. but if you dig into deeply of its detail, they are difference.

Moreover, in order to develop organisational learning, we can use knowledge management (KM) to help implementation. now i can see the link between MBE's modules. this week we have KBAM module which talking about KM as well. so now there is linkage between CBE-PIUSS-KBAM which i can clearly see it.

PIUSS – resources….

Currently, i've been doing the sixth question of PIUSS PMA. the question ask about Organisational learning and Six sigma. i need to identify from the literature that Six sigma inhibit or support organisational learning. The first problem i found while doing this PMA was limited resources both on-line article and books in the library. i think there are insufficient books in library both six sigma and organisational learning topic. especially for the Six sigma books, they were ran out of shelves very fast. Moreover, i found that there are quite limited online-journals that link six sigma with organisational learning. and the worst part was i could't access to some of them which i think they gonna help me to answer the question much more easier.

March 13, 2009

KBAM – payback period

Today after my team's presentation, Paul (or Mr. John Excellence  ;P) raised the question about payback period if Waveriders invest in IT facility to support the KM. I dont think we can say it's gonna be one yeay, two years or whatever figures we can think of. Eventhough we might find the article to proove these figures, i totally do not belive. Because every company has their own unique charactor and culture. Moreover, the payback might not be in term of cash only. For example, if you buy a computer for your childrens for their study, how can you say "what is the period of payback going to be?". Obviously, IT facilities help business improve its performance but we cannot measure it directly from return on inestment. There are so many change that IT facilities could make such as cultural issue, company reputation, employee satisfaction, etc. So, i could say that eventhough there are articles that shown the study of return on investment in IT facility to support KM , i still not believe that we can use them as a reference for other companies.

KBAM – …..... :)

today we've done the KBAM module already. this module is almost the last module of our course. I still remember the time we first had mini-projects in CBE module. time goes by so fast, it was 4 or 5 months already since the CBE module. Today, everyone in our class have done a good presentation and it was the last presentation of our course.

Today, as one of board members, i'm going to ask some question but the time is insufficient. However, i'm going to write it down here. in the presentation, Abhi mentioned about the predictive maintenance and the technique called "ultra sonic" or something like that. at that moment, i was thinking about the cost of investment in predictive maitenance and its return on investment. Since Wavewriders is a SME company, i dont think this advance technology will be fitted in such small size business (sorry about my opinion, Abhi). Moreover, if i were a board director, i'm not going to invest such high money in too advance technology which i cant see the return from it.

In addition, presentation today remind us that the board directors always think about financial term and payback from their investment. From my little work experience, this was very very true and some time they might be too crazy about the figures thing. Some people in management level always try to cut cost as much as possible without any study or research and it leads to terrible results. But it still happens......they should learn something from mistakes but not.

Time for PIUSS now....OMG i have only 2 days and 1 night left!!! have to pay so much attention on it.

Have a nice holiday my classmates. :)

March 12, 2009

KBAM – untitled

this is my first blog entry since Jan. to be honest it's because i still not get use to with writing anything about my reflection and i could say that i'm a lazy guy. Anyway, i have to do it for the marks.

today is almost the last day before we have presentation in KBAM module. it seems to be the most important one and also it is the last presentation of MBE class. As always, i'm so exhausted again and again. this week and also last week, i've spent most of my time on mini-project, do research on maintenance topic. The familiar words like PM, PdM, TPM, reliability which i always heard when i worked come to me again. i've a little knowledge about it before when i was trainned in maintenance department for a short period. at that time i totally think that TPM is suck bcos everyone did it when the supervisor was coming to evaluate the performance. it didnt work at all. currently, i think the reason was company didnt provide appropriate knowledge or inadequate knowledge for employees.

Moreover, at that moment, my previous company had very high employment turnover. it was both internal turnover and external turnover. at that time, the company had the new plants which was such a huge investment and people who have experience were moved to that new plant. and some left the company with any reason. the result is knowledge of those experience employees has gone with them. Therefore, company try to implement KM to keep that knowledge from leaking out the company. but the problem was people tend to do their routine job rather than KM bcos various reason such as they didnt see any benefit to themself, the work load, etc. Moreover, i personally think that company should spend more effort or money on KM thing. bcos it was lack of promotion and providing knowledge to shop floor level or even the higher level. At the moment, i asked my friends who are working there about the progress of KM and the answer was it remains the same, nothing effective. So. i think the management level should do something that help success in implementing KM. i think it should be the time for leader to play the most important role and drive successful KM implementation

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