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January 26, 2009

first day of PIUSS module week

We already have some knowledge about process improvement from e-learning sessions and mini-project researching. Today is the first day of PIUSS module. Before this module start, i've frequently heard the word "six sigma". When i did my postgrad in Thailand, some of my friend took a six sigma class. When i was working, i noticed that the process engineers have used SPC to improve the process. But i'm not sure whether they've implemented six sigma bcos at that time i, to be honest, never think about study Six sigma. Moreover, in the company, we often use fishbone diagram, paleto,.....etc......(don't know why i wrote this...nothing about the module)..

well i'm going to write something about the process simulation that we did today. i was operator who responsible for assembly airplane parts. Firstly, i realised that this job is so boring. i felt bored after the second assembly has been done. cant imaging how bored that an opertor in the real process feels, they have to do the same thing repeat again and again for years. ...............dont know what to write next...haha..........

anyway, tomorrow we're gonna continue the process simulation again and try to improve it.....hope that  wa can improve!!

p.s. today everyone seems like very tired from doing PMA last night.........include myself.. ;)

January 22, 2009

LE – Deming and my LE PMA

Long time haven't post anything in my blog...

i'm going to write about my PMA and Deming. I'll put the deming philosophy in this PMA. i think what deming said about leadership and Profoundledge are quite useful for my PMA. I had presetation about Six sigma and system of profound knowledge this morning. to be honest, i had a little knowledge about it bot Six sigma and SoPK. However,now i've more understanding about it especially for SoPK which i decided to add in my LE PMA. i'm thinking that why SoPK is quite popular and we can hear it quite often. might be...SoPK is not too complicate and not too specific. Deming was trying to keep it as simplest as possible, so it can be able to apply with any systems. So, now my turn to apply it with my PMA system.....for the improvement of my LE PMA. hopefully, i can do it.

my problem of doing this PMA is, we have to use a lot imagination bcos the limited information about company, CEO, Directors, etc. i'm quite not familiar with this such method as my backgroud was engineer. most of the time, my works based on fact, measurement or even if we had to predict something we predicted from the previous data or some logical thing. i'm quite prefer the logical thinking and i'm lacking of creativity.

P.S. really want to do something else apart from mini-projects, PMAssss, study........

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