November 27, 2008

Time management

Since Paul said in class today about blog, now it's time to write somthing in my blog. the reason that I haven't written anything in this blog is i'm not good in time management but it's not an excuse. i reallised that i need to change my behavior. After finished my first PMA(GBE), i didn't spend enough time on CBE PMA because i thought that i'm going to do during OPP module's week and LE pre-module's week. currently, i don't have any progress on CBE PMA so far, i've ruined all my plan. I have less than two weeks to finish my CBE PMA, so i have to pay a lot more attention on it. Though, we have LE pre-module assignments which i planned to finish it wthin this week. So, my plan is to finish LE mini-project within this week and spend all of my free time next week on CBE PMA. Hopefully, it gonna work.

October 18, 2008

Finally!! The Debut of My First Entry

Today is Friday 17, Oct and it is almost midnight now. This is my first entry after I’ve created this blog about 2 weeks ago. Time goes by so fast, unbelievable!!! I’ve been in the UK for more than two months but I feel like I just came here last week.

Though, I have many things to write in this blog, I haven’t done it. Because of my bad English so I have to spend a long time to write in English and I didn’t have enough time. In the first CBE pre-module week, I’ve spent most of my time in learning grid with my teammates. We worked very hard every day from about 10.00am until about 10.00pm. This made me feel very depressed. It was a first week but why we had to work hard like this. Although, I like the study style of mbe course, sometimes this style can make students feel depressed if they cannot manage their time very well. I think our group worked too hard because we want a perfect result. I do understand why Ricky did not want to worked together with us at the learning grid. He doesn’t want only to study but he wants to enjoy the other things in his life. No one should be blamed for this situation but next time we should find the suitable work plan that everybody in team agree with before we start our work.

To be honest, at the beginning, I also didn’t like this style of working. I didn’t have time to relaxing, chatting with friends, cooking, talking with my girlfriend, shopping, etc. However, I can get used to with it because our teammates are so nice. Working with my teammates rather than working alone can help me improve my English. Even though I didn’t talk very much because it quite difficult for me to express my opinion in English but I’ll try harder.

It’s almost 1.00am now. I’ve spent about an hour to write this short story. Hahaha, now everyone can see how poor my English is.

P.S. please try to understand my English!

October 06, 2008



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