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March 25, 2008

Advocacy through subject librarians – and a directories mashup

Writing about web page

I've been pretty busy of late, liaising with our pilot departments and setting up liaison with a second phase of departments. Trying to drum up some submissions to our repository and to recruit an assistant to help handle them as and when they come in.

To this end I held a briefing event last week for our Academic Support crew, which is our Subject Librarians and their teams. Sophia Jones came from the RSP to speak, and I also involved our very own Legal Compliance Officer at Warwick as a presenter. It's good to ensure that other library staff are clued up about repositories, copyright and publisher issues, as well as what we're trying to achieve with WRAP because they are our front line of liaison with the departments and there's no way I could keep up the level of involvement I have had with our pilot departments across all the departments at Warwick. Plus, the repository provides another "way in" for our Subject Librarians to department activities.

After the event itself I wondered a little more about the difference between ROAR and OpenDOAR, so I did a little more reading. I think the biggest difference is that OpenDOAR vet their entries through human processes. I also came across the Google maps mashup that I've linked to from here. All are ways to find a repository, should you ever wish to. My own perception is that people won't be searching for repositories as such, but for repository content, and then they won't even know (or care?) that it has come from a repository, because they will have found it through one of their regular search engines. But for other repository managers, these directories are pretty handy, so that we can find out who else is out there and what they are doing.

January 22, 2008

RSP day at the British Library

Writing about web page

I attended my second Repositories Support Project briefing day yesterday, at the British Library. I like going to the BL as it's easy to get to, the conference facilities are really very good, and there's always the exhibition to go round in your lunch break so you do get a proper break from whatever you're learning on the day itself. But I did get the slow train yesterday, so I deserved that break!

The themes for yesterdays event were Funder mandates, Repository Metrics, Repository Statistics and Preservation Metadata. I've linked to the programme which appears to include slides from most of the presentations already.

I found the background information about funder mandates very useful: I kind of knew what was being said as I followed the announcements at the time, but it is good to see a summary that clarifies things, and the main point that occurred to me is that the funders do indeed hold the key to both authors and publishers' involvement with open access repositories.

The repository metrics presentation was interesting and entertaining, but perhaps less relevant to our repository at the moment as our VC is already keen on the repository. But no doubt we will need to be able to demonstrate its value in order to keep that interest.

The Repository Statistics tool that was shown looked most interesting, although it was a pity that the presentation did not include a demonstration of the download due to lack of time.

I was less interested by the preservation metadata workshop, but I still gleaned some useful stuff from that, including considering how we might want to record any preservation processes that might be run at some point in the future.

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