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December 15, 2008

After the event:

Writing about web page

Our recent event at Northampton went pretty well: I've been writing up comments from the workshops, so that I can share them with event delegates... here they are for all to see, arranged in a way that makes sense to me, but others may have more to add, from their notes.

What are you aiming for? (Researcher)

How can you measure/demonstrate success at this?
It's just a vehicle, so it should make my research & career look good.

My best publications are all included (in my opinion).
Every document is nicely presented (in my opinion).

No worries about IPR: this is taken care of on my behalf.

I don't have to check anything, nor do I get any complaints.
A single submission only, and all systems use that single data source: I am only asked to send this information to one system, once.
It helps me to network with other academics. I get e-mails/contact from people who've read my articles. I can contact other authors.
I can look at other people's stuff. Articles I am interested in are available for me to read.
My work is preserved. If it lives at the same place for two years, that might be long enough for me!

What are you aiming for? (Repository Manager)

How can you measure/demonstrate success at this?
I want lots of information in there: that's a sign of health!

Benchmarking against other institutions of similar size and character? Total number of items: growth pattern.

Comparison with ISI Web of Science information about my institution?

I want lots of traffic, people looking at that information, which will indicate that it is useful to others.

Measure the number of visitors to your repository. Ever? Every month? Benchmarking against other institutions of similar size and character?

What kinds of people, anyway? Are they academics?

Feedback from users can indicate whether or not it is easy and useful for them.

External recognition of the value of our repository will demonstrate its value to authors at my institution.

I need to be able to demonstrate that there is a lot of traffic, so I need good reporting/statistics handling.

Can I get the information I need?

The repository will have a high profile in the University.

Senior staff will be aware of the repository.

Invitations to present/talk about the repository will indicate that others have heard of us and want to know more.

The whole community will be engaged and will have bought-in to the repository.

If I get continuation funding, that will be a sign that some of this will have happened.

The repository deposit process becomes part of the lifecycle of research activity: culture has been changed.

Deposits flow in without prompting, and there are relatively few queries to be chased up or enquiries to be handled.

What are you aiming for? (Central administration/Management)

How can you measure/demonstrate success at this?

It should make the institution look good.

The repository should have a clear identity.

The highest profile, high quality work should be represented.

It should generate income for us and be cost effective.

Small staff costs to run.
It demonstrates our compliance with funder mandates and so helps with future research bids.

It should be a complete record - so we can make our staff accountable for their work and use it in reporting for the REF.

What is the level of engagement: is everyone, from every department represented?

Data should be re-useable. Can I use the data for our REF and to meet FOI requests? Do all the Uni systems that need this data have access to it?
There should not be risks in storing this data. If no-one complains that's a good sign, and no law suits either!

The data should be preserved.

We can access and manipulate the data in the long term.

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