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May 28, 2008

cover sheets in repositories?

My latest concern is whether or not to include a cover sheet on the files we put into the repository. After asking what others do on the jisc-repositories list my thoughts are currently that we should include one for some files:

It need not appear on every file ever in the repository (burden of work/processes, difficulties with multiple files, etc), but since it is possible to do at present for journal articles at least, our cover sheet will include the following elements, for the following reasons:

1) Heading: "University of Warwick institutional repository" (A simple heading with no branding, not referring to the name of the repository in case of re-branding exercises!)

2) A link to the repository home page. At the time we add the coversheet to the file we won't have a record in the repository in order to link to the item record in the repository, but that would be preferable in the long term.

3) A statement relating to copyright & further information:

"This paper is made available online in accordance with publisher policies. Please refer to the repository record for this item and our policy information available from the repository home page for further information."

which is to warn others that they will need to be respectful of rights holders, and to make it clear that we have made appropriate checks.

4) Some basic reference information to allow others to trace the published version. This is important in raising citations of our authors for the published papers. Our authors are concerned that people should read and cite the published versions. Although the detailed information is in the repository record, people may well come across the full text item through search engine results and not see the repository record. It is true that anyone planning to cite the repository version ought to have the resources to source the published version for themselves anyway. But I think that if we can help them to make that citation then we should. I am planning to include the following elements:


Article title

Year of publication

Link (to the published version/journal home page)

These elements are chosen and will appear in a table for workflow reasons rather than out of preference. I do like the example of Birkbeck who put the full citation of the repository version and of the published version on their coversheets.

5) Referring to the published version: "To see the final version of this paper please visit the publisher’s website. Access to the published version may require a subscription."

There will be some version information relating to the pdf file itself in the metadata record, where we have been supplied with it, but I'm not convinced that we have a definitive version vocabulary to use, nor that we will get enough specific version information from our authors in enough cases to include this on the cover sheet.

That is my current thinking at least...

May 23, 2008

Testing the repository

I've been quiet on the blog but working behind the scenes... we now have an instance of Eprints up and running, to test.

Also, we now have two members of staff recruited to the team: one to process content (copyright checks and so on) and the other to catalogue it. So we've got content to test the repository with, too, and our workflows and procedures are being finalised.

So we're really getting somewhere at last with the repository itself and not just with the theory and the advocacy...

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