April 30, 2008

Green home improvements

Although Kristen Byrnes would beg to differ [1], I'm fairly convinced that the planet's in a bad state, and we urgently need to do something about it.  Given that (and also that my housemate recently bought a drill), we've been doing some green home improvement!

Here's the compost bin I've made: 

Our new composter

(Made... well, I drilled loads of holes in an old bin)

And here's the vegetables we've planted or are going to plant:

Our veg

We've got spinach, sprouts, onions, garlic and potatoes so far...  Hopefully they'll be ready by Autumn/Winter! 

[1] She's a 15 year old (or there and there abouts) girl in America, who thinks she knows better than scientific consensus on global warming - http://www.globalwarming.nottinghamshiretimes.co.uk/PondertheMaunder.html

March 05, 2008

My Mixer Design

Don't know why I'm posting this here - mainly just a record I suppose, no-one will be interested.

Anyway, I've been designing a mixer, to take 4 XLR microphone inputs, mix them into 1 XLR output, with settings for each of the channels, and a master volume.  The idea of this is to use it with an existing mixer, to add some extra inputs (3 to be technical!).  Here's the schematic:

Mixer Schematic

February 03, 2008

Summer work thoughts

Me and my girlfriend Claire have been thinking about work in the Summer recently.  I can think of 4 ways it could go:

  1. Work for some engineering company
  2. Work in a mind-numbing shop
  3. Work on some kiddie's summer camp
  4. Don't work at all!

While (4) seems quite attractive, I don't think it's going to be possible, since my overdraft is stretched to breaking point.  Working in an engineering company or a mind-numbing shop would mean working in Manchester (or worse Coventry!) while Claire was in Hull.  So I've been applying to any job which will pays and provides food and shelter!

After finding out PGL pays around £2.20 an hour (!), I've found a few good looking companies.  Some of them want me to go on an epic 4 day interview, but some look a bit more reasonable.  Fingers crossed I'll get somewhere with them...

P.S. Working on one of these camps would be good, I could show the kids one of my favourite summer time wasters: slacking!

Slacklining around Cryfield last year

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