December 23, 2008

New Portfolio System roll out

Most of you will be aware that the portfolio system is changing as a result of the portfolio review. For those interested, there is also information on the portfolio review elsewhere on this blog

Trial, block 11 2009
The new portfolio system has now been trialled with a full stream of students and following feedback, is now being rolled out further. Those interested can view the main outcomes of the trial new_portfolio_trial_2009_graphs.xls.
This is most easily viewed by looking at the charts marked with the red tabs. Overall, this trial was a great success. The new portfolio system was a significant improvement in a number of important areas and was not reported to be worse than the previous system in any of the measured areas. There are still some issues to be dealt with (see FAQ section) but overall, WMS is now in a possition to roll out the new system to all students over the course of 2009.

Block 7, 2009 – the new system is to be used in child health and the emergencies block.
Block 8 onwards – the new system will be rolled out to the other blocks – information will be sent out in good time and will also be updated on this page. The current plan is for Senior Surgery from block 8 and Senior Medicine and Obstertrics and Gynaecology in block 9. This will allow sufficient time for staff training and should mean that once students have moved onto the new system, they will not need to revert to the old system.

This site gives access to the new guidance notes and documentation. Anyone is welcome to have a look and comment. Please only use the new documents in the blocks listed above (Timetable). This will be updated during the year.

The new system involves new forms and new guidance. However the key change is that the end point is for students to present the case rather than hand in a written portfolio. This can be on a 1:1 basis or to a group. To do this, students must meet their teachers at the start of the block to ensure they have times booked during the block to present their cases.

Guidance documents
An overview of the new system can be downloaded here:

Those completing or reviewing the new forms for the first time should read the notes here:

In completing your portfolio cases, you need to be particularly aware of the University guidance on plaigarism, available here:
Plaigarism guidance

The new form is available here. There is also a version with guidance notes (see above)
Key changes are that the sections are now size limited. Please note that they are limited to the number of characters (not words). We are working to change this as a word limit would be clearer but this does not currently work well with word documents. Also, you cannot use normal bullet points – but you can use asteriscs, dashes etc; e.g;

- Diagnosis 1
- Diagnosis 2 etc…

Finally, it is no longer possible to spell check. Again, this is a result of size limiting the boxes – although it is not possible to spell check clinical notes so you do need to get used to writing up cases without being able to spell check

We are currently agreeing a mock prescription chart with the trusts. This is not currently ready, but when it is, it will be available here:
Prescription chart

Prior to presenting, students need to download a feedback form:

When the system is fully implemented, students will log their cases. The trial portfolio log is available here:

See also ‘Frequently asked questions’

February 15, 2006

MDAP Phase 2

This section is for any students wishing to post issues/information/useful pointers for students involved in MDAP phase 2. Prof Peile and myself will also add any updates we have in addition to emailing round to relevant individuals

January 04, 2005

Current phase 2 issues

New and Relevant postings

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Remember – check the date of the entry. This blog is updated frequently but there may be entries specifcally aimed at a previous cohort. All entries are dated and ‘expired’ blogs are removed as and when I have time!

If you have found a page as a result of a search, please DOUBLE CHECK the date and whether it now carries the tag ‘expired entry’. Old entries are kept on the blog as they often still provide useful background and pointers for current students

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November 23, 2004

Guidance on using this Blog


As phase 2 co-ordinator, I recieve a number of enquiries from individual students and student representatives. Where these issues are of general interest or relevance, I will blog the answers either under 'phase 2 enquires' or under a more specific catagory

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If you have a new query, please contact your local trust, phase 2 office or myself by email in the usual way. Remember also, the staff/student liason commitee, phase 2 student reps and faculty rep – details form the school office if you are unsure who to contact

Feel free to comment on issues that appear. Please remember, however, that this blog is intended to act as an easy source for students to find out about current issues rather than a discussion forum and therefore, I would be grateful if comments could be limited to information that will help your collegues or add clarity.

If you want to discuss things within a forum, please go to:

forum for MBChB


Dr Colin Macdougall
Phase 2 Coordinator
Warwick Medical School

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