December 25, 2004


Talking to Jes just now really made me thought hard about what religion will I take. I know mum has given all her children the liberty to choose whatever religion they want which is a good thing in a way but the bad thing is that it makes us more confused than ever. I know the reason of her doing so is that we live in a multiracial and multireligous country and she is afraid that I might marry someone of completely different race and religion. And the fact is I realised that I might tend to follow the religion of my partner or husband because I have not got one yet. Recently, I have met a few Christians and Tai Ku Mah has been giving me some pointers and the heed of God. Yeah I honestly think that it is a big possibility that I will decide to be a Christian. To a lot of people, they will say that I have been brainwashed..but dont you use this term whenever you tell a person more about your own religion! I think I would say that I have been enlightened by the people around me and I want to be a part of them too. Yes I am easily influenced, but if they were more Buddhists or other sects to tell me more about her/his religion, I think I would be more biased too to that religion. But there are no one to guide me or give me a signal! Mum prays and believes in Kuan Yin but she hasnt spread the word to me..all she ever says is, you must always do charity and help others in need, so as long as you dont do anything against your should be fine! It is not a very strong statement to lead me to my inability to read traditional chinese words makes it even harder for me to read the "fat zhou" which I would want to do when I have made up my mind in whichever religion. But one thing I know for sure is that, it will take me time to decide and I hope God will understand my predicament! I wont drop a bomb on mum and say that I will be a Christian now and will not eat "the chicken that has been on the altar"! I cant do it..give me time..I'm sure one day mum will accept me for whatever I have become but it has to be gradual..
And if God were to accept me as a Christian I also hope that he understand that I respect my mum's religion and although I love her to death, I dont have the heart to tell her to change religion because in Lord she will be salvaged..Arghh..I really dunno..and all this while I have been to temples and I cant bear the fact that I will be so changed..but I think eventhough I turn to be a Christian, I will still "cheong ji heong" on Ching Ming to my ancestors..that is something that will not change! Will probably need to make it up to God with something else..something extra for this so-called act of betrayal..!!

I asked Lester what he thought and this is what he gave me "god is a loving, caring god, he strolls arnd the world to help the weak and poor, he gives warmth to them using a S700 Body Heater by Panasonic™. Praise Father Of All Things Good !"
Bugger!! That kid has got good brains although just 13!

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  1. That certainly is a predicament there. As a christian I'm sure some christians would say that I should share my faith with you, but I don't think you need that. All I want to do is urge you not to feel like you have to take up any religion at all. While there are lots of religions to choose from, there is no point in choosing one because you feel like you have to. I'm sure you're intelligent enough to realise that for yourself, but I wanted to make it as clear as possible. Taking up a religion because you felt compelled to do so (This is just how it seems to come across to me, please correct me if I'm wrong) is never a good idea.

    25 Dec 2004, 23:24

  2. imu

    i totally agree with Stephen Rose.

    26 Dec 2004, 05:15

  3. I kind of agree.

    Taking up a religion cos you feel forced or pressured into it – bad idea.

    Converting to a religion because you feel called to, because you feel it's right and right for you…well, can't really argue with that. :)

    26 Dec 2004, 16:32

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