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December 31, 2004

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Was really upset when a friend msged me on friendster and poured out his misery. I didnt think he was this upset although I have been warned by YJ about his situation. What made worse were the death of both his grandparents in this month. Im truly sad about this. But looking on the bright side, I know he has been there for them and so did his parents. Unlike my mum who still mourns for my grandma as she claims she regretted that she didnt spend more time with's a guilt she is not guilty for! But, i told WK that his care for them throughout these years will accrue as "fook" for him and he shouldnt worry too much.

What I'm so angry is that he is still upset about the fact that PK and him broke up months ago! I mean he is complaining about a year which he has to go through breakups in relationship plus the deaths of his grandparents. Fair enough, family loss but relationships? I seriously think he should get over her when she is the one who changed and got wilder! I mean i know this gal, she wasnt like that when i knew her! If she can dump WK who everyone in the group thinks is the nicest and the most gentleman of all..hell ya..she will regret this in the future! Fair enough he has been busy making pastries and planning his own store but cant she see that he's doing it for their future? Damn, how blind can she be! And i there is no way WK could have neglected her in any other ways, this guy calls her every so often to check if she's safe and sound and rushes after work at 10pm from subang to downtown kl to pick her up at her office! As for WK, he is upset that he has been working so hard thus having no time for anything, but hey, if u want to make it up there, u have to make sacrifices..! Gee..why can he be so low in confidence when I have been overly excited about his start-up and having all faith in him! I mean come on, WK is still young and he hasnt got a second girlfriend b4, whats the harm trying and u never know if the next will be better if u try, thats just how life is, u have the chance to move on when u are young! Plus, when men are successful any woman will go after them no matter what! This is just how life is, women are getting more materialistic and cash-oriented! It is even harder for women who arent like to differentiate themselves against the rest of the pack! Sigh..Im just upset why men cant think straight and stop complaining abt a loss of a not-so-great girlfriend!

Well, dude 2005 is going to mean a new beginning and dont u ever look back..just forward! Wish i was there to help him rationalise things!!

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