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December 30, 2004

London Xmas shopping

There are few things I want to put down for memories!

27th Dec:
Did manage to wake up to make it down to London altho i slept at 4a.m! Whewww..was a tiring day..been walking so much but discovered so many beautifully decorated alleys! Something i overlook these years..Glad to not blow my money compared to those who shopped at Diesel! Held my temptations at Miss sad that MAC wasnt on sale! Felt a lil left out when i met the Exeter bunch but didnt bother me much..Bought a pair of earrings at Topshop Oxford Street! Haha cant help it ler..was cheap happy that i only found an unresistable pair considering the countless range. Abt FB..dont even mention it!

28th Dec
Felt so connected with aunt..she changed so much through the years or maybe i didnt know her that well then. She made me a meal and then brought me to buffet dinner not forgetting the movie House of Daggers which she was craving to watch! So relieved that I actually postponed my trip to Kent and spent the time instead with would have been so heartless of me if i didnt!

29th Dec
Wanted to go Regent Street to help Jas find the Massimo Dutti shirt b4 going to Kent but damn i woke up late! Finally went to Blue Water Mall after a detour!! Felt bad that i didnt have more time to spend at Jas' house! Yeah, i finally made it there after promising to visit for god knows how long! So touched by his family's I know why he is so well-brought up – his politeness except occassional shouting and swearing at me, damn good manners especially to elderly, loyal, loving, caring…etc basically (filial piety!) Dude, you impress me!! Okay, I'll try listen to you about stopping my earring purchases..yeah yeah I know its a lil extreme but I absolutely lurve earrings!! Alrite, I know..I wont be able to afford them when Im earning peanuts in Msia!! Will try and try to stop!

—didnt have more time
—didnt go Wagamama as planned
—didnt go to London Eye as planned :(
—didnt yum char with JesWey, Ijin, Ryan, Jeremy
—forgetting 2 buy phone cards!

Getting back to the present, I'm feeling:
—tired but guilty coz I havent touched work for 3 days..will start soon after unpacking which im not looking forward to..
—the need to do my laundry!
—the need to go to Tesco for fruits!
—a crave for tea but nothing beats Jas' house tea! only realised how much i miss it until i had it today..hymm..shud tell him to bring some up for me in Jan! Im proud that i didnt finish the box of indian sweets which are so irresistable!

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