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December 26, 2004

Ermm..let me clarify myself

Hey Stephen, (commented on my Religion entry)

I have to say that you are the first Christian who I have come across who feels there is no need to share your faith! I just want to clarify here that Im not compelled to anything I dont want to, I do get the pressure from Christians but I have always been really strong in telling them I will take my time in choosing my path! I have always believe in the existence of God although he has not touched me in ways that I can remember clearly but I do believe that there is a God! I do not want to be an atheist because all my life I have been searching for a suitable place for me to find faith in God..and it has not been easy because of the liberty my parents have given me! Everyday I have been searching for some signals to lead me somewhere, yes I have met a few Christians recently, and I find peace in them and this may sound very weak of me but I cant help it! If there were more people of other religion to share their faiths I wouldnt feel this weak! I have to keep reminding myself to take my time in finding my own path because it is that is the only way I would have felt uncompelled!

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