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November 12, 2012

Tools for working smarter and more effectively

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It is TechDis Tuesday this week! Join online at 13:00 for a guided exploration of the TechDis Toolbox.

The TechDis Toolbox is a collection of resources which give useful hints and tips on technologies that can help individuals work quicker, slicker and smarter.

JISC TechDis has a history of providing simple easy to use resources for tutors and lecturers. Here we have shifted our focus and Toolbox is aimed directly at the end users – learners.

The contents of the Toolbox were determined via feedback from groups of former students who were asked “what should your tutor have told you but never did?”. The development of the final resource has been shaped by our learner ambassadors. That’s why it contains bite-size videos, short guides, animations and brief audio files.

These small bits of just-in-time information can be easily understood and absorbed allowing users to learn something new and put it into practice straight away. Most people use technology every day. Using it smarter can help people be more productive, organised and creative.

While written primarily for those with disabilities or difficulties, it is useful for just about anyone who wants to gain or improve on the skills most valued by employers. It explores many common workplace technologies and explains how to get the most out of them.

Grab a pair of headphones for your computer, load a browser and go to a few minutes before 13:00 on Tuesday, 13 November.

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