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May 08, 2015

How easy is it to get a job after my studies? – A Blog by WMG Student Mattia

Mattia Mattevi

I was asked to write a blog about the difficulties (or not) in finding a job after the Masters course at WMG. I am Mattia, and I commenced study at WMG on the MSc in Supply Chain and Logistics Management (SCLM) after more than 5 years of work experience in the financial and banking industry in London and in Italy (my own country).

I decided to change my career because I did not fully enjoy what I was doing in the banking sector, and I thought (before starting the masters), and I now strongly believe that Supply Chain Management and working for a manufacturing company is what I would like to do in my future career.

Coming from the “professional” world, as opposed to being a new graduate, probably helped me in understanding the mechanisms and the factors that can improve the chances of getting a job. Here are my 'suggestions'. Before though, I would like to stress the fact that everyone has different backgrounds and skills and probably different approaches to this, but I hope that my experience can help in having a different point of view on this matter.

I believe that there are four elements that contribute to successful job hunting.

1) Know yourself and what you are looking for: Easy to say but more difficult to do. It took me 5 years to understand what I like and do not like in a job/industry, and 3 different positions and companies. Nevertheless, my suggestion is to try to explore during the masters what you are good at and what you enjoy e.g. do you enjoy more of the ‘strategic/planning’ bit of a task, or more the ‘analytical calculations’ of it? It is likely that what you liked during the masters might also be what you like in your job. Try to focus on positions/jobs that reflect your attitudes and liking. For example, during my career in banking, I was a consultant doing regulatory issues/project management activities on one side (more of a ‘soft skill’ job), but also I was involved in risk model building and assessment (more of an ‘analytical’ job). This allowed me to understand that I much prefer analytical roles, thus my research for a new job has focused on the latter.

2) Have a CV ready at the highest standards: This is very important, as it is the starting point of your application process
(see point 3). Due to the fact that I came from a professional job, I already had a CV which I believed was a good one. Nevertheless, I decided to attend some of the 'Student Careers & Skills' services seminars, in particular how to build a CV and a Cover Letter, and some one-to-one sessions to assess the quality of my CV. This was very useful and allowed me to modify my CV to be in line with the UK market expectations.

3) Start early and be proactive: I started to look for a job in October when the Masters commenced. This is because the majority of the best/largest companies begin to select graduates from November/December, for positions starting in September the following year (a few weeks after the end of the Masters course). I see three benefits in starting early: (i) you have not fully started with your project, thus you can dedicate time to job hunting; (ii) more jobs are available, thus more choice and probably less competition; and (iii) you start to get a grip on the kind of selection process that UK companies employ - which can be very different to what you are used to in your home Country (this is certainly true for Italy) - such as CV screening, competency questions, on-line tests (numerical, psychometric, verbal reasoning, etc.), phone/video interviews, and - most importantly - the final assessment centre. Because this is a very intense and challenging process, the more you ‘practice’, the better you become. I started in October to send out around 20/25 applications: some did not pass the first stage (CV screening); some passed few stages, and only few ended up with an assessment centre (2 to be precise). The point I want to make is that, the more you apply, the better chances to get into the final stages and thus securing a job very early in the academic year.

Mattia Mattevi & Friends

4) Seek help from the WMG and Warwick support functions if needed: I have already mentioned the 'Student Careers & Skills', but inside WMG there are other source of information and support available. WMG actively look out for job opportunities for their graduates and email out about opportunities that you can apply for. They also organise employers to come and present to students at WMG about their company and job opportunities. Plus we’ve had Alumni visit WMG and tell us about their work experience since WMG.

In conclusion, you would wonder if this approach paid off. The answer is yes. I was lucky enough to secure a job as supply chain management graduate for a large UK manufacturer/retailer before Christmas, starting in September (just after the end of the Masters course). This provided me with the tranquillity to focus on the academic side of my Warwick experience. It was not easy though. In November/December I had nearly 10 jobs application process opened, and I had to do all the tests, phone interviews, and assessment centres which required a good amount of preparation. This, on top of the Masters work, proved to be very challenging, but I believe it was worth the effort. I have some colleagues that also started early and they secured jobs months before the end of the Masters. I would say that the key elements of my job hunting was seeking help and support from the University but, most importantly, being proactive and not expecting that jobs will come to me without putting in the required effort.

January 21, 2013

Success Stories of WMG Students 2011–12

Writing about web page

This week over 600 WMG MSc students from 2011-12 academic year will be celebrating their success and officially receiving their awards from Warwick at their graduation ceremony. At WMG, we are delighted with each student’s success. But sometimes students go beyond their MSc and receive recognition for their hard work in other organisations… Some of this year’s success stories include:

Carlos Serra
 Carlos Serra

MSc Programme and Project Management student Carlos Serra, won the 2012 Postgraduate Student Award by The Association for Project Management. Carlos’s winning paper entitled “The influence of Benefits Realisation Management on the success of projects in Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States of America” was part of his MSc project dissertation.

Ploytip Jirasukprasert

Ploytip Jirasukprasert, MSc Engineering Business Management student whose paper "A Case Study of Defects Reduction in a Rubber Gloves Manufacturing Process by Applying Six Sigma Principles and DMAIC Problem Solving Methodology" written jointly with her supervisor Dr Jose Garza-Reyes, won the "Best Track Paper Award" under the Lean Six Sigma category of The 3rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM). The paper formed part of Polytip’s MSc dissertation.

MSc Engineering Business Management student Mitul Devpura , has also been credited for his research that he completed at WMG as part of his MSc project. His paper entitled ‘Exploring the Application of Quality Improvement Programmes and ISO Standards in the Indian Marble Mining Sector’ has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management (IJPQM).

Here is an abstract from Mituls' paper summarising the main points…

Mitual Devpura
 Mitul Devpura

“In this era of globalisation, as competition intensifies, providing quality products and services has become a competitive advantage and a need to ensure survival. To ensure such competitive advantage, organisations of different industries around the world have implemented several quality improvement programmes like ISO, TQM and Six Sigma. This paper explores the application of quality improvement programmes in the marble mining Industry of India."

Joong Lee 2
Joong (Kevin) Lee

MSc Engineering Business Management student, Joong Lee’s paper entitled ’A comparative study of the implementation status of Lean Six Sigma in South Korea and the UK’ has been accepted to be presented and published in the 23rd International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM) that will be taking place in in Portugal in June this year.

Here is an abstract from Joong's paper summarising his research...

"Fierce competition and more complex customer needs and demands have forced organisations to continuously improve their operations and the quality of their products and services. Over the last decades, two of the most popular and effective strategies used by organisations to achieve such improvements have been lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. However, as competition and costumer needs and demands evolved and increased, the quest for even more efficient operations and higher quality products and services resulted in the integration of these two strategies to form an improved approach known as Lean Six Sigma. This paper investigates and compares the implementation status of Lean Six Sigma in South Korea and the UK"

In addition to excellent publications and awards, several of last year’s MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship graduates are well on their way to establishing their own companies, which were designed and developed as part of their MSc studies.

Elsewhere in WMG...

And it’s not only our MSc students who have been making us proud this year. Success was also seen in other areas of WMG research and education too…

Warwick Robotics Team

Warwick Mobile Robotics team were winners at the European RoboCup Rescue Championship. The eight-strong team of WMG and School of Engineering students won special awards for Best in Class for Mobility and Best in Class for Manipulation at the four day competition in Germany and were crowned second overall in the competition.


WMG engineering students were named joint winners of the international Electric Vehicle Grand Prix held at Indianapolis. After an action-packed contest, the Warwick Racing team crossed the line in third place, earning them enough points to be crowned joint winners after they were placed second in the outreach competition and fourth in the design competition.

A team of Engineering Doctorate students from WMG took first place in the West Midlands heat of the Engineering Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (Engineering YES). The competition is for UK-based postgraduate students and post-doctoral researchers to present a business plan for an imaginary start-up company to a group of shrewd investors and industry experts.

EngD Engineering YES

Congratulations to the above and all our students who worked hard over the past year who we welcome back to Warwick this month for their graduation ceremony. We wish you every success in your future careers and look forward to maintaining strong links with you as Alumni of WMG.

February 01, 2012

A Day of Celebration for WMG Masters Graduates!

Writing about web page

The date was the 17th January 2012 and a happy day for many people. It was winter graduation day for our Graduation January 2012WMG MSc students and a memorable occasion signifying and acknowledging the hard work that our students have put in over the past year in achieving their MSc. I remember my graduation day. It was a great day, full of satisfaction, relief and accomplishment. It felt so good to have the hard work and experience of my degree celebrated and I remember thinking that although studying was hard work, I'd do it all again for my graduation day.
I'm sure that many of our graduating students also enjoyed their 'moment in the sun'. It really is such a great feeling to have achieved a Masters degree and be walking away with that certificate from the University of Warwick to show to future employers!

I was able to talk to a number of students on the evening of the 17th when I joined in the celebrations for graduation and felt 'buzz' in the atmosphere between graduates, happy parents and proud tutors and lecturers.

I was able to speak to some of our graduates to hear what some of them have been up to since completing their Masters in September. Many of them have gone onto to find great jobs in big companies such as IBM in Bangkok, The Motorsport Industry Association, Icona Solutions and Matcon Group Ltd to name but a few. Others are going onto do PhDs and some have been busy setting up their own business! The Management focus of our MSc's really does help elevate students into senior positions after graduation. We will soon have some of the success stories added to our current Alumni profiles page for you to read about and you can see pictures from the evening on our website now.

If you attended the WMG graduation day recently, tell us about it!

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