October 23, 2012

US Students in the UK

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Following on from my previous blog, it got me thinking as to why US students should study in the UK.

Now, there is no denying that the US is a big place with many study opportunities on the doorstep for many prospective students. But isn't that in itself a reason to travel further afield! For most students, it's a time of life with few commitments, a time before you get the mortgage, the family and the career. A time when travel is possible and experiencing the world and different cultures can be reality.
And across just a short stretch of water shall we say, the UK is waiting to offer you all of these possibilities.

But Why the UK?


Let's start with language barrier. What language barrier I hear you say! Indeed, for American students considering studying abroad, the UK offers this wonderful opportunity to undertake study without the further challenge of studying in a new language. The only thing you'd need to worry about is which 'biscuit' the have with your Starbucks! But if you wanted explore languages whilst studies, the Language Centre at the University of Warwick offer some great oppportunies.

Then there's the course length to consider. The UK is well known for offering quality education and having a degree from the UK is considered well in the job market. But a real benefit is the time you spend studying. In the UK, Bachelors degrees are generally only 3 years long whilst Masters degrees are generally only one year long. Take a look at the Masters courses that you could accompish in a year with WMG and get a head start in moving towards your chosen career.

Finance and Fees - The million dollar question! Fees can vary in the UK and there are often scholarships available. But the big 'win' here is on living costs. Because courses are shorter than in the US, you need to finance your living costs for a shorter period of time and so can save on expenses.

Entry Exams - GREat! I understand it to be quite common in the US to ask for entry exams before commencing graduate study such as the GRE. Whilst the GRE is required for some courses in the UK, most courses do not require it. None of our courses at WMG require the GRE. We look at your academic background, e.g. subject and final GPA in your bachelors plus a good personal statement. For more information on WMG's entry requirements, check out our application page!


Travel the World! Well at least Europe for starters! Europe is such an interesting place, with so many countries, all with different cultures, foods, traditions and wonders to experience. And during your time in UK, you could not be in a better location to do a bit of country hopping. With most countries just a few hours flight and competative flight prices, short breaks to exciting destinations are an easy option for some time out during your studies! WMG graduate Derrick from California mentions some of his experiences on his profile and check out Lonely Planet's guide to Europe for more information.

Have a Royal time! You can't fail to hear a bit about our Royals whilst over in the US. There was no shortage of news on Kate and Wills whilst I was there! So whilst in the UK, do as one must! Visit our capital, see the palace, watch the changing of the guards and breath the fresh air of our lakes and mountains in our green and pleasant land. There are many places just in the UK to experience. We are so much bigger than London!Europe Collage

I've just touched on a few reasons why you should consider the UK to study. Other top words would be culture, diversity, tolerance, freedom, homour, creativity , heritage, environment and even our weather makes for a good study environment! You can find out more on the Education UK website.


If you want to be the big fish in your career, take that trip across the pond!

If you're a student in the UK and have other ideas as to why study in the UK is great, leave us a comment!

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