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March 10, 2008

Enhancing web pages with background images

HTMLA very simple but effective way to enhance the look and feel of websites is to add a background image to pages. I have found this particularly useful on WMCCM hosted pages provided as part of our free assistance to eligible SMEs and start-ups. By simply adding

< body background=”image location”>

to the html code for the page, a background image is placed on the page. Two simple websites I created recently for start-up companies under our start-up support package are good examples, the first being Smart Fabrications and the second being Multifit (UK). I find making the image partially transparent, reducing the contrast and slightly increasing the brightness makes the background image more subtle and allows the page content to still stand out.

A useful variant is to have the background static but allowing the main content to scroll freely over it. This can be done adding

< body background=”image location” bgproperties=”fixed”>

to the code for the page. A good example of this is the site I created recently for Hawk Design as part of a full 5 day assistance package.

February 21, 2008

E–business to enhance business operations

eBusiness to enhance business operationsA common misconception is that e-business/e-commerce is only about having a shopping cart facility on a website. Many SME’s in the manufacturing sector do not sell products which leads them to believe that this does not apply to them. However e-business is about using the internet as a business tool i.e. harnessing the power of the web (and its potential of reaching a wide audience) to reduce costs and increase sales. This may seem like an expensive and also daunting task, however e- Marketplaces such as WMCCM remove these obstacles, and I along with other colleagues have recently attended the e-Challenges conference to present how SME’s have been e-adopting via WMCCM.

WMCCM is ranked highly in search engines (as well as being well connected with major organisations) and it allows SME’s to use this as leverage to raise their own profile and promote what they do to WMCCM’s online visitors and wider world. As well as providing a channel to potential customers it allows connecting with partners/sub-contractors to tackle work which may require extra resources. Furthermore an online project management feature allows SME’s to collaborate without having to setup their own usually expensive and knowledge/time consuming systems. Also, the e-Marketplace allows SMEs to actively look for work and is a source for other opportunities such as regional events and news. Just the same way a region needs motorways to enable trade similarly portals such as WMCCM are required to enable e-trade. Currently there are fully funded assistance packages available to companies subject to status, please contact WMCCM to see if you qualify.

As mentioned above one of the objectives of WMCCM is to encourage collaboration between companies to share their skills, ultimately allowing them to break into new markets and tender for contracts from sectors they haven’t considered before such as marine, MOD, etc. The eCluster, formed a few years ago, is such a group comprising of approximately 11 leading SME’s in the West Midlands. Currently AEC and WMCCM jointly support the eCluster, and I have been facilitating the meetings for the last 10 months.

The most recent company I have been working with is Micron Inventory Management. This company has extensive experience in optimising inventory for customer demand and even provides a “free inventory health check” which guarantees a 25% reduction in stock. When WMCCM initially met them, 18 months ago, they were provided startup support which involved a Search Engine Optimisation report for their website, which wasn’t being found by the search engines. This report allowed them to understand the principles of how to raise their online profile and to make minor improvements in order to allow their website to perform better. Even though they are now ranked highly for “Inventory Management” they haven’t been receiving the relative increase in online enquiries. This is due to the fact that the field they are involved in has a wide variety of terms/keywords. I have carried out an up-to-date audit of their website and also researched on what actual keywords are being searched for by potential customers, so that they can incorporate these other terms into their website.

January 09, 2008

CCM Celebrate Business Support for 5000 Companies

Writing about web page

Its time to break out the Champaign - or a nice bottle of beer of two !
The 5000th company has just registered with us on WMCCM.

WMCCM is the regions best provider of fully funded e-Business support services and assistance to eligible small medium enterprises in the West Midlands, UK.

Anyone can register for free - but actually we always try for quality not quantity - we encourage companies to provide a detailed company profile when they register. Most companies do, but some don't - so we regrettably have to decline some applications .... which makes the 5000 registrations all the more impressive.

So why do we insist on a company profile? So that you publish rich, search engine friendly content to illuminate your products and services on the Internet. This means that you can be more easily found on the Internet by potential customers and generate more enquiries and sales.

These profiles are much better than the typical entries made in some business directories I could mention. Primarily designed to help regional companies, we also attract national and international interest. Buyers, including some big name Tier 1 contractors also register, hopefully to seak out potential suppliers to fulfil their supply chain requirements.

And for the lucky few companies who match the post code lottery numbers, we can provide fully funded e-Business assistance packages. But time is running out fast. At our latest check we only have 32 full assistance packages left.

And our 42 remaining Start-up Support packages for eligible companies who are less than 18 months old are fast running out too. You will need to act now and check out secure your place. 

Grant Melrose on WMCCM, 2008 

January 04, 2008

Fully–Funded Start–up Support Packages – The Countdown Begins!

Writing about web page

Grow Your BusinessAs part of a number of initiatives promoting the WMCCM Fully-Funded Start-up Support Package, including a recently launched Google AdWords campaign, the Start-up Support site has been given a makeover. Part of this revamp includes a new display showing the number of remaining packages available, which will be kept updated as they are taken up by client companies. As these free packages are strictly limited, this countdown should provide more of a sense of urgency to start-up companies who are “thinking about” whether to take up the offer, hopefully leading to an increased rate of take-up.


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