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May 30, 2008

Generating Conversions from the Web on Auto–Pilot: Demonstrated by 6000 CCM Registrations.

Writing about web page

WMCCM are celebrating another major milestone of the 6000th Registered Company
just a few months after we blasted past the 5000 company mark!

It is remarkable that Grant Melrose has created the second of these celebratory landmark graphics in 2008!
The CCM team has been getting used to over 200 new registrations every month but I remember when we linked most registrations to our events and marketing activities.

The great thing about this web-based recruitment is that it just runs on auto-pilot!
We understand the features and benefits of the marketplace that convert web visitors into registered companies.

  • The best tender feed service that delivers tenders-by-email to your specification.
  • Registration on a fast growing regional company directory that is much more than a simple directory.
  • Access to collaborative tools and information.

    Behind this automatic conversion conveyor lies marketing knowledge and some effective tips.
    If you would like your low-level lead generation to run on autopilot then click Contact Me at the top of this Blog.

April 25, 2008

Concentrating on Conversions helps WMG recruit to Full–Time Masters courses.

Writing about web page

Google Adwords Conversions and Costs graphsI was keen to try some simple techniques make it easier for visitors to request the WMG Masters prospectus. I met with Charlie Szybiak and John Waller to discuss this and found they were planning to improve the whole site and recruitment process. Simply adding the request a prospectus button to more pages worked immediately. I also stopped some of the more aggressive Adwords campaigns on Google’s content network until after the new website was optimised and proven effective.

These two actions produced the results right and this kind testimonial.

Thank you for your help promoting recruitment to WMG’s Full-Time MSc courses using Google Adwords. Your advice about improving conversions has clearly worked generating 250% more prospectus requests and is helping to guide our website re-launch.
To increase conversions at the same time as reducing our costs by 93% was remarkable.
For WMG, as a leading research centre, continuing to grow into the new Warwick Digital Laboratory and beyond, the use of scientific methodologies to trial, evaluate and enhance our recruitment resources is particularly appropriate.

Charlie Szybiak,
Postgraduate Recruitment and Admissions Director,
WMG, The University of Warwick.


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