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November 15, 2007

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WMCCM some latest stats

Writing about web page

A key question is always how ready individuals, companies and a region  are in terms of working electronically? Both consumer and business e-trade is currently rapidly increasing, and we are finding that the WMCCM is increasingly self seeding in activity. An important issue in any communications project is critical mass.

  • Currently total of 4700 registered companies, 7000 individual users. New companies are self registering at a rate of about 20-30 a month. The majority are from the core West Midlands area. About 300 companies have been visited and competence profiled. Recently the biggest growth has been due to the Olympics Cluster area which has been implemented with the help of the West Midlands Business Council. This is the first tool connecting companies with Olympics tender opportunities.

  • The site attracts about 800-1000 visitors per day. The majority looks at tender information (60%) and search for company capability. (35%). The site has attracted visitors from over 120 countries. Usage of the site by companies like most things is pareto – 20% of the companies do 80% of the activity. So only a relatively few companies use the collaboration spaces directly, but those that do create and use them for many projects (40 currently). About 25 other organizations and projects use the cluster spaces to coordinate and enhance the support they provide. Currently about 85 companies use the web site facility (showcase).

  • In the last 18 months we have had signed off about £4 million of new business by companies. We believe we only capture a proportion of the real new business, since we do not have a formal method for establishing this. Monitoring a few companies reveals that on average they get a doubling of the number of work enquiries they receive.

  • The tenders come from a number of partners : Warwick Council, Coventry Council, Sandwell, Olympics, TED, FI, EU Framework 7 calls and the members themselves. The process for analyzing and pushing out the tenders to relevant companies is unique. Typically there are between 30-50, 000 tenders at any one time on the system.

  • A key benefit of the system is the ability to quickly increase e-business uptake by businesses in a region since it does not require any capital investment by the companies. It saves companies having to continually spend on Search Engine Optimizing.


Collaborative Commerce marketplace

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