May 06, 2005

I have a new MP

Because my old MP retired. Fortunately Jeremy Hunt, the conservative candidate managed to hold my home constituancy of Surrey SW, which had been a Lib Dem target, with the majority increasing from just 861 to 5711. Overall, the election was much better than most people feared, with a much reduced majority for labour, although the prospect of Gordon Brown as prime minister is not a pleasant one. Laughably, Robert Kilroy-Silk was fourth in Erewash, where he was standing, which serves him right for ruining UKIP. The worst result, of course, was that George Galloway was elected. It does not bode well for the future of this country to have someone like him in parlaiment.

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  1. If Irish terrorists can sit in parliament, why not apologists for dictators?

    06 May 2005, 17:32

  2. I think 'in Parliament' is something of a misnomer in Galloway's case given the amount of time he spent there during the last Parliament.

    06 May 2005, 18:27

  3. It isn't really that much of a negative that Galloway has been elected, as a) he's been there before and b) he'll be gone again at the next election.

    I can't see why anybody would fear Brown as a Prime Minister more than they fear another full term for Blair, unless they're a hardcore Blairite supporter.

    06 May 2005, 18:53

  4. Trace Brazen

    I think the loony-right being split is fantastic. Hopefully Kilroy will form another 2 parties by the next election splitting things further. In fact, maybe he should get a medal for ruining UKIP - maybe he's a lefty in disguise, with a genius plan to divide loony-right parties.

    07 May 2005, 14:30

  5. Did anyone else see Kilroy's face at his declaration? It was brilliant; stony isn't the word. :D

    07 May 2005, 14:38

  6. Herbert Hoover

    If war-mongers and arms dealers can sit in parliament why not apologists for dictators?

    08 May 2005, 16:30

  7. Parliament already abounds in apologists for dictators.

    08 May 2005, 17:09

  8. My Blog has cooments! I'm amazed! Anyway, it turns out that Kilroy actually had 2 good policies – getting out of the EU, and introducing a flat tax rate. Too bad he's such a reprehensible miscreant, and the rest of his policies were so absurd. Regarding Galloway, part of the problem with him is that he is a socialist, always a bad start, but mostly it's the fact that he was voted in not in spite of, but because of the fact that he is an opprobrious quisling.

    09 May 2005, 21:26

  9. William, being a Socialist doesn't make you a bad person, just as I wouldn't say that all Tories are bad people even though I'm a Socialist.

    09 May 2005, 21:54

  10. Luke, being a socialist may not make you a bad person, but it does make you someone who should not be involved with running the country.

    09 May 2005, 22:22

  11. I think the same about Tories.

    09 May 2005, 23:26

  12. I don't think anyone who seriously considers leaving the EU should be allowed within 100 yards of any government office.

    10 May 2005, 02:31

  13. Hey, the EU does compare anti-constitution to pro-genocide , so why not have Draconian measures to stop all criticism or thought of leaving. Perhaps someone would care to enumerate on all these wonderous advantages we get from the EU.

    Without the EU's more outrageous claims, like it being responsible for ending Communism, and for peace in Europe since 1945, several years before it was actually founded. Like it or (in most cases) not, peace and growth in Europe are based on American military power and technological innovation.

    10 May 2005, 11:25

  14. I disagree with you Luke – I am a socialist and i think that tories are bad people.

    10 May 2005, 12:09

  15. Such EU claims are no more ridiculous that those made by people against the EU, comparing it to a hostile foreign empire such as the Third Reich. And I'm not quite sure how a remark I've made on an internet blog has suddenly been suggested as viable EU policy: it was whimsical personal opinion of mine, nothing more.

    That the EU likes to be its own chief self-promoter is no reason to want to leave it.

    10 May 2005, 13:10

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