March 16, 2005

Easter Hoilday

Woh…Have been a very long time no leave even one word in my BLOG. Haha…Now its already Easter Holidays…Got lots of things to do. Revision, meet friends and Travel of course…WUh…..I am really looking for it. Thinking back that I had been very busy 2–3 weeks ago. Now I released the burden since its all finished. However, I've got quite a few of assignments to do through Easter Vocation. OH…really don't want to do >.<. uuuuuuuUUUUHHHH. Anyway, hope everyone has a very good Easter Vocation with their family and their friends.

January 08, 2005

There is a panic in Coventry City Center Today.

In this afternoon, about 2:30pm. I was having lunch with my friends whom's from other uni.s. in a restaurant. A cop suddenly came in and asked everybody out of the premises and walked down to the otherside. We were wondering what was happened, why everyone had to leave, then we left. I saw there were lots of cops and was trying to get all the people into a safty place. Everyone just like us, feeling so odd and was getting started to panic. Suddenly, agminated of people was concentrated on one place. Me and my friends were there and waited. We all wanted to know why but we don't know. Then finally we heard that there was a bomb in the city centre,( but I am still not sure where it is now.) We waited for about 30mins, bcs it's windy today and so was quite cold outside. Then we left the and went to a pub which was near the city center too. On the way we went to the pub, my friend got a call that it's fine now. But i am still not sure if the police found the bomb or it was not real, anyway, I guess no one is getting hurt today.Which is a good news and this is the first time I experience a case like this. Feeling quite fun today.
But what a poor restaurant boss, bcs lots of people were leaving the restaurant without paying.

The first entry after Christmas!!!

Have been a long time no written anything down here. My blog seems very empty now!!! >.< The holidays just gone and lectures came back already. Everyone was back from their home. What a great news bcs it was so bored in the Uni. during the holidays. Almost watch vedio everyday til in the morning (sometimes til 1 p.m on the other day) apart from went to see my friend for few days and a friend came to see me. Was being extremely lazy at all. No revision and HW. Sometimes I was wanted to do some revision, but just couldn't this is bcs the holiday made me extremely lazy. What a rooten life was it.
Moreover, the first tutorial after christmas, I'd been told about the Tec. Sci. 1 test result. What a disappointed at all!!! I only got 45%, I'd been studying very hard for it before the test. Then I got this SHXT SCORE. It made me upset indeed. What a SHXT Theory Test in Physics. I hate theories at allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

December 04, 2004

X'mas Party!!

Wahhahaha…my holiday is already started from 2 days ago. Now i am enjoying myself by watching vedios at the moment. After the X'mas Dinner on thursday, (the dinner was held by Hong Kong Society). I went to the SU X'mas Party last night with my friends last night. There were lots people last, which I didn't expect bcs I thought quite a lot of them have to pack their stuffs up and ready home. (I forgot that there are so many International and EU students in the university.) With my friends, we went there at 11:30pm and already had lots people bcs the party was started at 9pm. I stayed there for 2 hours and leave at 1:30pm. Hehehe…but it was quite fun bcs the music last night was quite good, there had two dance areas last, one was rap and pop and the other one was more "christmas", but still pop I think. Since Christmas Carols came up somethings. The atmosphere there was very good bcs everyone there was danning happyly with their friends and enjoying the music. Last night was the first time I went to christmas party like that. It was fun..

December 01, 2004

A Wonderful Day Today!!

Have been working hard and busy in these 2 weeks. NOW i am released, bcs I finished the tests and did all the works and handed in today already. I am exhausted bcs i only slept for 3 hours last night. At last I finished my report, hahaha…!!! Great DAY!!! Now I can go and have a nice sleep, also do what I want now since after tmr I will have a month time christmas holidays. COOLIZES!!! But review the tests I did, I am not doing very well. However, I should at least pass. I can't guess what percentage will I get this time bcs i am still confusing now. HAHA…anyway…its time to break, no more thinking about the tests until I get the results. Hopfully I can get a good result!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!..............

November 18, 2004

First time to ride

Today is Thurday, have been quite busy and tired these days because working quite hard on reading. Now I still have tonnes of reading waiting for me. Oh…my godness, how could it be like that!!!! (Oh..what am I talking about, sorry). Haha…Ok, this time is mainly want to write about my first ride…riding a horse. The polo club I joined had a trial for all the members. I went for that and we drove about 30 mins to a Rugby Polo Club (I think its cattle farm really), which was quite far away. There were quite a lot of people attended on that day, about 25 of them. Unfortunately, there were only 2 chinese, me and Eric, a friend from other course. However, this was not important. Apart from the 2 presidents, all the others others memebers were girls. And the most surprising thing was the only people who never ride before were me and Eric (feeling a bit embarrassed at the moment.) But, how could this made me down, then I went on, I lifted on the horse back and started riding it by walking on steps. Haha…really excited at that moment because my other first was there. I controlled the horse walked around the arena for about 5–10 minutes and got the polo stick and tried to hit the polo on the ground. It was not really easy for me because I am afraid that I would fallen off if I sidled on the horse. Finally, I made it…Yeah…and I kept practise for a few more times. Now I can control the horse to walk slowly, to turn right, turn left and stop. This is a very good experience. I like it…but I am not going anymore, for no reason here.
Anyway…i had tried it…and I satify it as well…It only costed me 5 pounds(only for this time, later is 20 pounds each time)... which was cheapter than I expected… Thank you for the Polo club to let me have a chance to experience a new sport!!!!!!!:-)

November 14, 2004

Warwick Singing Competition!!!

I am exhausted today and just wanna go to bed right now…but I think I better go to bed after I finish this posting..>.<.It was great this afternoon bcs I went to the Warwick singing competition. First, i have to tell you guys that I am only the audient for the competition tonight, so don't confuse me as one of the competitor. HEHE...The competiton was held from 3:15 to 7:15pm in ACCR. Although the name is Warwick Singing Competiton, but there had lots of different such as musical play and band show. The event was held by Warwick Hong Kong Society, but the competitors were not only people in warwick but also from other Manchester Uni. and Nottingham Uni. etc. There were 12 people competing today and the thing I can say is almost all of them were singing well tonight. The songs were good as well. The champion today sung very well who's from Manchester Uni. He's not only singing simply, he also had a go on playing guitar and sung at the same time. He has got the nice voice and skills on singing so there is no doubt in it. By the way, can you guess what's the prize tonight??? I think the prize was really practical, haha... Why? bcs for the champion, 2nd and 3rd today. They got the $$$ as a prize. wo wo...nice??? HAHA...I think so. Nothing is better than $$$. The champion had 120 pounds not bad….right? Apart from this i have to say the musical play and the band show was good as well…it was really laugh for the play….I think they are performing well. There was another suprising things today was that for the band show tonight, the one play for the keyboard was a girl…Cool!!! really… it's a shame that I didn't take any pictures tonight bcs I didn't bring my camera with me. Hehe…...last thing I want to mention here is the President of the Warwick Hong Kong Society, Benjamin, he had to sing a song without choice…bcs he couldn't escape under the pressure…all the people were shouting and asking him to sing a song. He was really really fun bcs he was not singing well, moreover, he sung the wrong key, then everyone was throughing the fluorescent rods on him. What a pity guy!!!hahaha…but was really fun anyway….....

November 11, 2004

Maths Test Result!!!!!!

Today is wednesday, We supposed to get our maths results by the end of next week, but somehow I got it today. When I had my tutorial this morning, my tutor showed me the results about the Maths Test. It was quite surprisingly that I got higher marks then I expected, 81 out of 100.(almost the same as I expected, one few marks higher). I didn't feel very happy about this because that test was not hard…i think everyone should have done it well. However, this does not apply to all the people because when I heard from one of my friend, he told me that in his tutorial group people are not doing very well. Also, some of my friends haven't got their results yet…bcs their tutor didn't get the marks sheet yet I believe. Anyway…i think they must doing quite good as well….lets see…....

November 09, 2004

Got a report to write about Fujitsu Telecommunication!!!

Oh…more and mroe homework is coming. I have got a short report to writing and need to finished by week 9. This is not fun bcs have to do all the research by myself which is time consumming. Actually I have no idea yet how to finish it but I will start doing some research soon. We have received some help from it indeed but the biggest problem is how to select the content and make it clear and easy to understand. The report suppose should be less than 1000 words (of course shouldn't less than 800 words I think). This is very charllenging bcs I never written a report similar to this before. Hope I can handle and finish it properly. (In fact, this is a nightmare, bcs 1000 words is not a short report this is a long one for me)!!>.<

It was fun today in Economic….lecture

What happened today? Hahaha….something was happened during the Economic & the Structure of Industry lecture today. We had the vedio for the lecture today about the Building Construction, the vedio was just like the normal records that you watched on tele. But in the vedio, there had a scene of vedio was deep into everyone's heart. When everybody was watching it, we were laughting all the time. It was something like the following. The background music rasied (which is a love and romantic background music) and " there was a man smoking and thinking deeply on the gazebo, suddenly a the shot filmed a lady with pyjamas opened the window and walked out to the gazebo as well (they were in different places). Then the man started talking (content was not important, so whatever), the next shot was the lady… seemed that the man was thinking about that lady and the lady was thinking about the man. But I have to say they are no relationship at all. Sometimes the man smoking and sitting on the edge of the gazebo, he was really cool and sometimes the lady laid down on the bed…the background music kept going all the time, that was very fun. but there is a fact I have to tell you, they a not superstars, the man was a builder and the lazy (i am not sure…should be a client from other construction firms)... Hahaha… (hope you could understand what am I talking about). The lecture today for Economic was the most funny one til now.

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