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December 25, 2005

Happy Christmas

Twas a cold and bitter morn in the fourth quadrant of the Ungorian Calendar (AKA "Fazalas") as the intrepid explorers finished their restbonus, fetched their sheepskins and copious amounts of lembas bread, ready to journey to Felwood and slay the mighty Brant before he reached 55 and placed the future of earth in peril"

Since Brant achieved WPL which was from 52 onwards, he had shown incredible evil intent, and a sense of forboding doom spread like wildfire amongst the explorers. Before his deceitful rise to power, Brant showed a chain one to Dom and Bov, which they were now ready to race through on their way to Felwood to which they were hoping to LFG for pretty soon.

Dom looked down at his STs and noticed that two were now green and the others yellow. He knew it was time. Bov finished the last of his lembas bread and looked at Dom. Without a word being said, they both stood up and left.

It hadn't always been this way for Dom and Bov. Dom, in particular had faced a lengthy trial of the soul before committing to the diabolical Brant's cause. Dom, son of Ste, was a simple hill dwelling peasant, a felwood pauper, who could never have dreamed that he would reach 55 and LFG for there pretty soon. His introduction to Brant was fraught with worry, his initial inabilty to reach 80k IIRC would have been mocked by the mighty Brant, but instead he took young Dom under his twisted wing, and for this reason Dom felt a strong loyalty to his foreboding master.

Bov, on the other hand, was an easy convert. From an early age he had known exactly what he wanted. Bov, son of Kev, was always full of questions for his father, a simple armourer from the hills beyond felwood. As Kev began to question his son's ethics, the two grew apart. Bov sought out Brant and behind the fiery caves of kazakhmood, a meeting was arranged. Brant was impressed by young Bov's questions – "Is WPL from 52 onwards, or is it higher than that?". Brant sensed a true disciple to his cause and immediately began to train Bov personally. Pretty soon he had even achieved more than Dom had initially done and reached 70k, all restbonus of course.

The die was cast and the two apprentices were ready for the fiery battle that inetivably would soon commence. Strong of thought and deed, inner strength coursed through their veins as they silently travelled on their flying nazgul's, down to outer felwood valley, fully prepared for the ensuing conflict.

So there they were. Dom and Bov. Filled with purpose and intent. They knew their ultimate destiny was imminent, and would soon be fulfilled. Their flying nazgul's had long since been discarded. They needed to walk the rest of their journey. They strolled along the beaten path that separates the Eastern and Western parts of the Ungorian forest. It was dark and eerily tranquil. Not a word was said until Bov started to feel fatigued after a days walking.

"Shall we set up here for the night?" he said.

Dom wasn't quite ready to set up yet because he still had a few to do in Ungoro, Felwood, etc. But he noticed his partner was struggling.

"Ok, let's set up here then. How much you got?"

"About 70K, all restbonus of course."

"Of course."

And so they found shelter and lit a fire which they toasted their lembas bread on. They feasted that night on wild boar meat and reflected on a successful days travelling. Dom checked on his STs and two of them were still green and the others yellow. They would be ok to LFG for there pretty soon…

As the fire burned it's last embers, Dom awoke with a start. Hovering menacingly above the fire was the unmistakable figure of Brant. It was obviously an apparition, but nevertheless Dom felt the breath draw from him.

"Dom, I am watching the two of you" said the apparition of Brant. "You have undertaken this perilous quest i have given you, with great fortitude and a steely soul. The evil Gods will watch over you. Fear not, apprentices of Brant"

"Master Brant" replied Dom "Your ability to project yourself deep into the Ungorian Forest is most awe-inspiring. but i must ask – Why does thou keep rising higher and higher?"
"Ahhh young Dom, because I have to reach a certain height in order to gain further spiritual awareness. The Gods have told me that beyond 50 feet is nazgul territory, and beyond 50 is to be amongst the Gods. Is WPL from 52 onwards, or is it higher than that? I haven't started any there yet, and was hoping I may be able to hit 56 before I git there – still got a few to do in Ungoro, Felwood etc"

Dom watched as his masters voice faded away and his apparition became a speck on the horizon. He quickly awoke Bov to tell him the news.

Bov woke up dazed and confused. He was greeted by a perky and upbeat Dom.

"Morning camper" he said, clearly eager to launch into his story. However Bov hadn't slept much recently before last night and was quick to interrupt and talk about his current energetic state.

"Good session last night. Considering I didn't get on til after 8:30. I got about 70K, all restbonus of course, and I think I may have managed to hit 55."

Doms face erupted with a beaming smile, for now he knew Bov would be bale to hit 56 before he git there, despite still having a few to do in Ungoro, Felwood etc.

"Shall we start on the chain one that Brant showed us?" Bov asked.

"I wanted to speak to you about that." Dom answered. "I saw Brant in a vision just now. He said we must rise higher and higher in order to reach the Nazgul territory. He said not to worry though because the Gods are overlooking our quest."

Bov was horrified.

"Not to worry? Not to worry?!? Dom, don't pee in the holy grail and tell me it's wine. I am not in the frame of mind for jokes."

"This is no joke, Bov. This is from the mighty Brant himself. We must go. There is no time."

Bov agreed but was still feeling increasingly frustrated at the augmentation of his duties. However, he placed his undying trust in Doms vision. And so once again, they each checked their STs and since two were green and the others yellow, they decided to LFG for there pretty soon once again..

Dom felt he was in a dream. He was floating in the blue water of the etc ocean, totally at peace with the orc infested forest he was actually in. On the other hand, Bov was fidgety and restless, on account of the fact that he had not been chosen by either Brant or Dom to be included in the "revelation". It wasn't like that chain one that Brant had showed Dom and Bov, now suddenly he felt excluded. How could this be? After all, it was he not Dom that had hit 70k, all restbonus of course. He felt undue resentment towards his friend, and it was starting to eat away at him.

Suddenly, it became cold. Dom pulled out his sheepskin tunic and motioned for Bov to do the same. It got colder and colder until Dom could see his breath and could no longer feel his hands nor his (massive) feet. A voice, shrill and unsettling, called their names across the trees "Dom…....Bov…...Dom…....Bov" it intoned "You must not go back. You must go on"

Suddenly heavy snow began to fall and the cold wind became harsh on their faces. Dom shouted to Bov "We must get the tent up before we freeze to death" Bov nodded back "Can we not make it out of the woods? Do you not think we can hit 56 before we get there? We may be able to race through that chain one that Brant showed us"

Dom continued to get the shelter up. Bov couldn't help now, he was too cold. He had been unprepared for the onslaught. He fell to the ground muttering. "80k….Ungoro….IIRC….morning campers", it was gibberish. Dom worked harder and harder. His friend didn't have much time, 2 of his ST ones were now green, the other 2 yellow. He would have to LFG for there pretty soon, or they would both be dead.

Almost at once, virtually as Dom had erected the makeshift shelter, the wind and snow stopped. Standing in the clearing was a 56 foot creature made of ice and snow.

"IIRC!!" whispered Dom "It's Blizzard!"

Bov regained consciousness long enough only to see Dom faint next to him. They had hit 55. It was time for a restbonus, of course.

Both Dom and Bov awoke from their 70K restbonus at roughly the same time and were greeted in their camp by Blizzard.

"Morning Campers" came the words from Blizzards mighty jaws.

Dom and Bov were aware of Blizzards existence but had never had the honour of meeting the great warlord. Blizzard was infamous throughout the land of Ungoro as the master swordsman and war tactician who had masterminded his way to many battle victories. Further to his legend, the great general Blizzard was originally from Felwood. He was a Felwoodian ruling Ungorian battle grounds. This angered many native Ungorians as the ancient rivalry with Felwood was at its fiercest just now.

Blizzard had appeared before his men as he would be leading them into battle shortly. He briefed them on their mission.

"You must race through that chain one that Brant showed you. Then you will be bale to hit 56 before you git there. You will know, as 2 of your STs will be green and the other 2 yellow. That is when it will be time."

Dom tried to answer, but felt frozen with fear. Bov took charge.

"2 of our STs are already green and the other 2 yellow."

"Then you must LFG for there pretty soon." instructed Blizzard.




And they set off once more. It had been another good session, considering they didnt get on til 8:30, they had had about 70K IIRC, and it was all restbonus, of course.

As they continued down the Ungorian forest path, Dom noticed Bov had acquired some extra war armour and tools, and that his sheepskin was much more hearty than his. He thought it best to ask about the origins of such clothing.

"Where did you get that sheepskin, Bov?"

"Ungoro Market."

"Where did you get that shield and boots?"

"Ungoro bootmaker"

"And what about your shield?"

Bov thought about it, and couldn't remember where he got it. He was certain that it began with an 'S' but then he remembered it was Ungoro.

2 of their STs were yellow, the others green and so they LFG'd for battle. It was time.

The forest began to thin out. Bov began to fear that a wrong turning had been taken along the line somewhere. his keen sense of direction had deserted him and in his mind he knew they were lost.

"I fear we are going round in circles" sighed Bov. "Blizzard has played a trick on us"

Dom responded bizarrely. "Bov, we must be going the right way. i had a dream whilst i was out cold before. In it we both had a good session last night. Considering we didn't get on til after 8:30. We got about 70K, all restbonus of course, and I think we may have managed to hit 55."

"IIRC?" asked Bov, incredulously.

"Totally IIRC. Of course" said Dom

"well, we will have to LFG for there pretty soon" replied Bov, with an added nod.

Within a few minutes they entered a clearing. "Ha! I knew it!" exclaimed Dom "Look Bov, in the tallest redwood in felwood. See?"

Bov looked hard. Then he saw it. "Is it…Is it…WPL?"

Dom laughed. "of course"

"but Is WPL from 52 onwards, or is it higher than that? I haven't started any there yet, and was hoping I may be able to hit 56 before I git there – still got a few to do in Ungoro, Felwood etc"

"fear not my friend" exclaimed Dom "Onwards we march. As we leave this clearing, we must check the colours of our ST's"

Bov looked down. 2 of their STs were yellow, the others green. They marched on.

As they marched on, Dom and Bov became increasingly nervous about the battle which was nearing commencement. However, all the IIRC in the world could not prepare them for what was about to happen.

Blizzard appeared again only this time, he was with Brant.

Blizzard began to talk. "Dom and Bov, humble servants of Lord Brant. You are well on your way to hitting 56 before you git there. You are loyal and highly skilled at what you do. Your final duties are near, however, we have not always been honest with you. It is regarding WPL."

Bov had long suspected this had been the case, and looked at Blizzard with a shifty glare. Dom found his voice.

"Is WPL from 52 onwards, or is it higher than that?"

Blizzard remained calm.

"You are right to question this. For this is what we have not been honest about. WPL is actually much higher than 52."

"How much higher?"

"It is about 80K IIRC"

Dom and Bov were outraged and began to feel feelings of rage and ire.

Blizzard and Brant disappeared back into the murky depths of the Ungorian forest. Dom and Bov looked at each other. They both had begun to feel uneasy. Dom checked his STs. Two of them were green, the others yellow and he was still ready to LFG for there pretty soon. Bov assumed his were the same, and didn't bother checking. They set up camp again, in order to get more restbonus (of course) in and hit 55.

Dom awoke suddenly from his restbonus with a fright. That night would be a poor session, as they only got on at 8:30. They would not hit 70K IIRC all restbonus of course, however this would pale in stature in relation to the huge realsiation Dom had made.

"It's them. They've been mainpulating us all along. That's our true destiny, to battle them."

"Battle who, Dom? You're rambling."

"Brant and Blizzard! They're deliberately stopping us from hitting 55. That chain one they showed us was phony. If only we hadn't raced through it, we could have spotted that. We've been so foolish."

"You're right, Dom. I kind of knew it all along. I felt uneasy throughout this entire quest. So where do we go from here?"

"Ungoro crater is our final destination. It has to be. We should LFG for there pretty soon. Are 2 of your STs green and the other 2 yellow?"

"I assume so, yes. I haven't checked."

"Ok. Let's roll."

"Let's roll? What are you like Joe Felwood now?"

"Ungorians say that too you know."

"No they don't. Anyway, let's LFG for there pretty soon. You had 70K yet? All restbonus of course."

"Of course."

They marched towards Ungoro Crater, uncertain of what awaited them.

Dom felt an uneasy sensation of dejŠ vu. Ungoro Crater was very near according to Brant's sketched map, yet it was territory he and Bov had never journeyed to previously. Yet the feeling persisted. He was certain he had been here before. The trees looked familiar.

"Bov" asked Dom "Do you recognise this place?"

Dom dropped his bag on the floor and had a good look around him "I'm not sure, but we seem to be climbing higher and higher. It reminds me of that place where WPL appeared "

"I think we are too low for that. I mean, is WPL from 52 onwards, or is it higher than that?"

"I'm not sure" replied Dom "But, know there's that chain one there that Brant showed us, which got about 80k IIRC."

"Don't worry, I know"

"but do you really know though?"


"Alright then"

The nazguls were circling overhead. Dom suddenly had a moment of clarity. He dropped his bags and raced forwards, shouting for Bov to follow. Bov followed but pretty soon he lost sight of Dom. He ran blindly, and LFG'd for there pretty soon. He hit 70, all restbonus of course.

Dom, meanwhile, had reached his destination. He stood over the lip of Ungoro crater and peered down at the carnage below. There, surrounded by fireballs and nazguls of hell were Brant and Blizzard, knelt in some sort of unholy prayer.

"Oh blizzard" sighed Dom "How could you do this to us?"

He quickly glanced at his ST's to see if they had changed colour in any way. 2 of his STs were yellow, the others green. He knew it was time to face his destiny. With or without Bov.

Bov was feeling uneasy as he drifted from place to place looking for Dom. He was too afraid to call out Dom's name, and was just wandering with the small hope of stumbling across him. Bov felt alone. He knew he could not LFG for there pretty soon without Dom by his side. As he was leaving the clearing he found himself in, Bov thought he heard something moving in the bushes. He stopped dead in his tracks and tried to convince his own mind, which was by now, riddled with doubt.

It moved again. It was a definite sound.

Bov was feeling a quite courageous, something which could be put down to the fact that he had a good session last night, considering he didn't get on til 8:30, he had gotten about 70K all restbonus of course, and hit 55. He dived headfirst into the bushes and managed to grab whatever it was that was moving. Bov pinned it down forcibly, and then froze. What now he thought?

Meanwhile, Dom was preparing himself for the final battle foretold by the book of Ungorian scriptures. He was looking out over the crater, not yet considering the danger he could possibly be placing himself in. It was irrelevant that he was now Bov-less, he had long passed caring. He would do it alone and become the hero. The sacred chosen saviour of Ungoro. He checked his STs, 2 of them were green, the other 2 yellow, he would be ready to LFG for there pretty soon. But still, he waited, quite what for he was not sure of.

Bov sensed that the creature he had pinned down posed him no threat. The little thing rose to its feet and spoke in a gruff but friendly voice.

"Bov. Been expecting you, I have… hmmm"

Bov looked at him curiously.

"What do you mean?"

"Come true, the prophecies have. Noble you are but hit 55 you must soon. hmmm"

Bov sensed that this creature had achieved WPL. He knew that he could learn a great deal from this wise sage of Ungoro.

"Who are you?"

"Glarints my name is. Ungoro master, I am. hmmm. Soon you will possess the knowledge you require, but tell you outright I can not or be bale to hit 56 before you git there you will not."

Then, it happened. Bov was struck with stark realisation. It was all clear now.

"WPL…. It can't be… Can it? … They've been lying to us. It IS from 52 onwards afterall isn't it? I must inform Dom. There is not much time."

"Your STs you must check." said Glarints.

Bov checked his STs, the two that used to be yellow, were now green and the other two yellow. He LFG'd for Dom under the directions of Glarints. Would he be bale to git there in time?

As they marched on, Glarints hopped about enthusiastically in front of Bov.

"hmmm good session last night i had, yes. Considering that on i didn't get until after 8.30, mmmm"

Bov felt something he had not felt since he was a young man with his father, and more recently with whilst being trained by Brant behind the fiery caves of kazakhmood, when he had outdone Dom and reached 70k, all restbonus of course.

He felt about 55 questions brewing up inside him.

"Master Glarints" he asked "Is WPL from 52 onwards, or is it higher than that? I am confused by what you taught me earlier"

Glarints stopped in his tracks and became deadly serious. His purple face took on a wiseness that Bov knew immediately was wiser than anything he had ever seen, even an owl.

"listen to me, son of Kev. Pretty soon, for there you must LFG"

"Where, master Glarints?, where must i LFG there for, pretty soon?"

"be there we shall be soon, and back on the true path of righteousness you shall be . It's just ahead – in that clearing."

Glarints pointed ahead with his pointy stick to a clearing in the trees.

"Alone you must go. Help you I cannot, as a few to do in Ungoro, Felwood etc, i still got to do. Answers there you shall find, mmm yes"

Bov turned to ask another question but saw glarints drop his bags and LFG for there pretty soon. In an instant, he was gone. Bov was all alone again. He decided that before he could earn his restbonus, he would have to do two things. One, locate Dom and tell him about Glarints, and two, check his ST's. The small matter of finally finding out where he was LFG'ing for pretty soon would have to wait for now. He rummaged around in his bag. 2 of his ST ones were now green, the other 2 yellow, so he decided to LFG for there pretty soon before it was too late.

He knew Glarints would guide him if necessary. He felt 52 feet tall as he set off in search of Dom.

It had been a tough few hours for Dom on the lip of the crater. He had patiently waited for some time now and had begun to feel the effects of the quest taking its toll on him. He had still not quite figured out what he was waiting for, yet he knew he was in a hazardous and unstable location and should not stay there too long. He had tried to fight it, but it had become to overpowering, and he had to acquire some much needed restbonus. When he awoke, he was greeted by his worst case scenario. Brants mighty voice bellowed out the words,

"Morning camper."

Dom was paralysed by fear. He thought the jig was up. Brant stood there, Blizzard was towering behind him. Together they stared at him with such vigour that Dom was forced to try and LFG for there pretty soon. He was feeling confident of his speed having raced through the chain one that Brant had showed him and Bov, which had got about 80K IIRC. He sent the message to his legs, but his massive feet were weighing him down. He had not acquired the necessary restbonus he needed to be bale to git there with any sort of haste. It had been a bad session. He hadn't got on until 8:30, and it had to be considered at a time like this.

Bov was racing through the chain one in order to find Dom. He had long since had any sort of restbonus, and was putting total trust in the colour of his STs remaining as they were. He longed for Glarints to be by his side, but understood that it was not possible. Glarints still had a few to do in Ungoro, Felwood, etc. Still Bov was hopeful of hitting 56 before he git there.

It was just a question of time. Bov dropped his bags in order to check the colour of his STs. 2 of them were green, the other 2 yellow. He LFG'd for there pretty soon.

Bov became increasingly desperate. All the LFG'ing in the world could not get him there pretty soon. Each clearing began to resemble the last, as he frantically searched for some sort of landmark, anything to help him feel that he could be bale to hit 56 before he git there.

After what seemed like an eternity, he stumbled across a dropped bag. It was Glarints' bag. Bov silently rejoiced, as he now knew he was near to his goal and his heartbeat raced to 80k IIRC. The overwhelming urge to have an all important restbonus would have to be put aside for the near future. As he dropped Glarints bag and prepared to race through that chain one that Brant showed him and Dom, he noticed the colour of the soil had changed. It was now took on a reddish hue, and something finally twigged in his mind. He dropped his bags and consulted his "Time Out Guide to Ungoro"

He read quickly and remembered that soil may be found in numerous piles around the crater. Harvesting this is available regardless of profession, and usually nets 1–4 Un'goro soil samples. This is used together with Tharlendris seeds and a Cenarion Circle cache to produce Morrowgrain, used in repeatable reputation quests for Thunder Bluff/Cenarion Circle and Darnassus/Cenarion Circle, depending on your faction. It can be sold to vendors for 1s 46c.
Bov didn't understand a word of the text, apart from "ungoro" and "soil".
A noise alerted him and he dropped his "Time Out Guide to Ungoro" and picked up his bags. He ran into the clearing ahead and LFG'd in the direction of the noise pretty soon.
Two of Dom's STs were now an incredicly bright shade of green. Brant and Blizzard had reached 80k IIRC and Dom feared the worst. Where the hell was Bov when he needed him? He was aware he still had a few to do in Ungoro, Felwood etc. but surely he could be bale to hit 56 before he git there? As Brant and Blizzard edged nearer he knew that WPL was without a doubt higher that 52. His STs were ludicrously bright now. He realised they cannot be sold to vendors.
As he felt the Brant's black cloak of doom begin to envelop him, movement to his left alerted him suddenly. A bright orange power pylon had been tossed through the grass towards him.
"Dom – catch this" Bov shouted as he raced through that chain one that Brant had shown him and Dom and entered the clearing to join Dom and his foes. Suddenly all four stood on the lip of Ungoro crater with their power pylons at the ready.
Without warning, the lip gave way and collapsed suddenly. Dom, Bov, Blizzard and Brant hit 55 and all LFG'd for the ground pretty soon.

There they stood, at the bottom of the crater, ready to fight to the death for their beliefs and morals. Dom had been paralysed with fear and resigned to eternal restbonus as a result of Brants mighty red power pylon. He had been rejuvenated by the appearance of Bov, there was no hope, where previously there had been none. The passion Dom felt for Ungoro, and how strongly he felt for good triumphing over evil, were all he needed to feel prepared to LFG for there pretty soon. He looked at Bov, and with a cool wit and a wry smile said,

"Morning Camper"

Bov smiled back, and they each knew the other had hit 56.

"How did you manage to find me, and so quickly? There had not been much time at all" continued Dom.

"I was bale to race through the chain one that Brant showed us, and git here in time."

Brant heard this, and felt aggrieved by the fact that it was his own actions that lead to the 4 way stand off situation he was now presented with.

Dom and Bov saw the look of rage in his eyes. Brants STs were now threateningly red. They each checked their own STs. 2 were now green, the others yellow. Perfect, just like the Ungorian flag. Just like the Ungorian scriptures had foretold it would happen.

"How much you got, Bov?"

"About 80K IIRC"

"Let's do it then."

The mighty Ungorian warriors, pure of heart and soul, marched towards Blizzard and Brant with a will of solid 55K Felwodian gold. Bov LFG'd for Brant. Dom LFG'd for Blizzard. Both happened pretty soon.

It was Dom who struck the first blow. His orange power pylon struck Blizzard on the leg. The element of surprise.

Blizzard stared at him, unaffected.

It was going to be tough. It was always going to be, of course…

Brant's ire had taken on frightening proportions. Four of his veins were popping out of his head, two of them were red, the other two red. His blood pressure had hit 55 and was rising steadily. It was almost a certainty it would reach 80k IIRC before he LFG'd for rage central pretty soon. These two young upstarts, whom he had taken under his wing and trained personally had returned to do battle with him. How dare they, he thought, just because WPL was really from 52 onwards, was it necessary to race through them and LFG for here pretty soon? Also, there was the small matter of that chain one that he had shown Dom and Bov, which had got about 80k IIRC, and now they were throwing it all back in his face?

Dom's power pylon had only struck a glancing blow on Blizzard's leg. Bov, however, seemed slightly hesitant, unable to shift his gaze from Brant's blindingly bright STs. Brant used this to his advantage and LFG'd towards the stricken Bov pretty soon, expecting to easily hit 55 and hand out the sort of restbonus of which there would be no LFG'ing from, pretty soon or not.

Bov grimaced as he felt Brant edge nearer to him.

"Where do i still have a few to do, Bov?" snarled Brant

"Erm….Ungoro, felwood etc. ?" whimpered Bov

"And what was i hoping to bale to hit before i git there?" he asked again, menacingly


"exactly. Before your eternal restbonus, there is one more question i must ask of you. What time did you get on?"

Bov looked at his cheap Ungorian watch that his father had bought him as a gift (from an Ungoro watchmaker) for reaching 70k, all restbonus of course.

As he looked down, the minute hand was on eight and the second hand hit the six at exactly the same time he said the words "8.30"

As he said it there was a blinding flash of yellow and green and Brant and Blizzard fell backwards. A small figure had appeared, as if out of nowhere in between the warring factions. 2 of the lights he had appeared from were now green, two were yellow.

"campers, it is morning".

It was Glarints. He had returned as Bov was in dire peril.

"there you must LFG for, pretty soon" he pointed to the green and yellow lights on his right, in the clearing, and motioned Dom and Bov to follow him.

Dom and Bov looked at each other, shrugged, and dropped their bags. They followed Glarints towards the lights.

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